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Becky Lynch Heel Turn Explained, WWE Superstar Signs Extension

Curious about how she returned, we’ve got the Becky Lynch heel turn explained. Plus, in a stunning move, a WWE Superstar signs an extension!

Becky Lynch Heel Turn Explained

We’ve all see the return…but now we can get the Becky Lynch heel turn explained.

On the surface, Lynch returning at SummerSlam [1] on Saturday might have been a feel-good moment. It was a big surprise, with Lynch not expected back till the fall.

However, fans were not all that thrilled with how she returned.

To catch you up, if you somehow missed the coverage, Lynch took the place of the absent Sasha Banks. She came to the ring and squashed Bianca Belair. [2]

Fans compared it to Brock Lesnar [3] returning on the FOX-SmackDown debut, squashing Kofi Kingston to reclaim the title.

Fans were not happy, and are likely less happy as the heel turn unfolds.

So, here’s the Becky Lynch heel turn explained…

becky lynch heel turn
source: custom, wrestle ops twitter screenshot

Lynch took motivation for the heel turn from another current major heel. Specifically, Roman Reigns.

That tidbit comes from the Wrestling Observer. [4]

Apparently, Lynch has watched The Tribal Chief do his thing as a heel, and been impressed.

To be fair, his current run is effectively the best work of Roman Reigns’ time in WWE [5], especially as a solo act.

However, here is where things are different.

Outside of when The Shield were babyfaces…Reigns has never been a massively over face.

Becky Lynch has done both the face and the heel run…and she’s done well in both.

Her run as a face, as “The Man”, was one of the best recent runs. In my view, and in plenty of others, she was akin to a female Stone Cold Steve Austin.

As in, the anti-hero who was loved by many, but didn’t always fight like a face.

Now, she returns, a new run as SmackDown Women’s Champion…as a heel.

WWE Superstar Signs Extension?

It seems like every week, we are talking about another talent or talents leaving the company [6]…but now a WWE Superstar instead signs an extension.


Yes, you read that right…WWE might have managed to re-sign a Superstar!

wwe supersrar signs extension
source: custom, matt the mizfit twitter screenshot

No, as of this writing, that Superstar is not Adam Cole [7].

In this case, it might be current Intercontinental Champion, King Shinsuke Nakamura.

That he may have re-signed might actually surprise some fans…or at least, be a minor disappointment.

There are those who think Nakamura would be better off signing with AEW, or returning to New Japan Pro Wrestling.

However, it is clear that the King of Strong Style is happy with WWE. And that may have led to an extension.

Of course, should Nick Khan decide he’s not worth keeping around, he can eventually become yet another release.

But, we keep saying maybe. Here’s why.

The initial report that Nakamura inked an extension came via Ringside News [8], crediting Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast.

Here’s Zarian, posting a clarification of sorts…

So, it may be premature to say that the King will be around for a while longer.

If he has not signed a new deal, then he would currently be considered a hot free agent when his 2019 deal does expire. That would presumably be in 2022.

Unless, of course, the WWE Superstar did in fact sign an extension.

Stay tuned for clarity!