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Bayley Upset At Roman Reigns, More Bad News For NXT

A recent remark by Roman Reigns has left Bayley upset at the WWE Universal Champion. And, the bad news for NXT never seems to stop.

Bayley is no longer a Roman Reigns fan and is upset at his latest comments. Also, NXT live events returning has hit a snag. 

Bayley Upset At Roman Reigns

During SmackDown, John Cena and Roman Reigns opened the show. They did not get physical, but their words did plenty. 

Both took various shots at their opponent for SummerSlam. At times, the remarks felt too personal and a bit off script.

But, they did their job to help sell the main event of SummerSlam. It will truly be a battle of two of WWE’s biggest stars.

Reigns and Cena traded some shocking comments. Still, one remark angered the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley.

Basically, Reigns was talking about how he carried WWE during the ThunderDome Era. He even mentioned Bayley’s name, but not for a positive reason.

The Universal Champion said we cannot all be out here to have fun. Then, he reminded Cena that Bayley is injured and not around.

Well, that remark alone left Bayley with no problem on picking a favorite to leave SummerSlam as champion.

Bayley Had A Phenomenal Run Before Freak Injury

The past two years for her have been the best of her career. She finally turned heel and would hold the SmackDown Women’s Championship for over a year.

At the same time, she also won the Women’s Tag Team Titles to become a dual champion. When she lost the tag titles, she turned on her former partner and friend, Sasha Banks.

That would lead to Bayley’s downfall as Banks returned for a match inside Hell in a Cell. Banks won, ending Bayley’s 380 day reign.

Eventually, the belt was won by Bianca Belair and Bayley switched her focus to a new opponent. They had a few matches, but Belair kept the belt.

Then, they were set for an I Quit Match at Money in a Bank. But, Bayley suffered a freak injury during mandatory training at the WWE Performance Center.

So, Bayley will miss at least nine months of action because of an ACL tear. Still, she seems to be staying busy with WWE thanks to social media.

More Bad News For NXT

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After a lengthy stay at the Capitol Wrestling Center and using the ThunderDome concept, WWE finally hit the road in mid July. Like everywhere else in the world, WWE needed to adjust because of COVID.

So far, RAW and SmackDown have resumed touring. That includes TV shows and live events.

Although, NXT is yet to leave the Capitol Wrestling Center. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how WWE hoped to already have the yellow and black brand traveling.

Unfortunately, the number of people currently vaccinated is not enough to return to a somewhat normal life. And, in Florida, they are one of the hotspots in the United States. 

Since vaccines and masks are not required in closed public buildings, it has made life extra hard for NXT. 

It seems like NXT cannot catch a break. More wrestlers keep getting released and now some are pointing the finger of blame at Triple H.

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