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Viewership for NBC’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics continued to plummet this week, leading to some blaming the “woke” leftwing politics of so many of the American athletes competing there.

Viewership For Olympics Plummets

Fox News reported that NBC’s Olympic coverage averaged just 14.7 million viewers for a 49% drop on Monday compared to the same night from the Rio de Janeiro Games back in 2016.

The coverage on Monday also got just 53% of viewers from coverage of the first weeknight primetime that took place during the 2012 London Olympics. 

Senior TV editor Brian Steinberg wrote for Variety that the viewership is so down this year that it has led to “advertiser anxiety.”

He quoted one media executive as saying that the early viewership numbers “clearly are not what NBC, our agency or our clients were looking for” from costly investment.

“This executive said early viewership trends were ‘disappointing,’” Steinberg continued. 

“The size of the declines from the previous Rio Olympics have unnerved advertisers, who are believed to have invested more than $1.2 billion in the sports extravaganza,” he added. “Little surprise, then, that NBCU and several media agencies have entered into discussions for ‘make goods,’ or ad inventory that is given to sponsors when a program fails to meet its original viewership guarantees.” 

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Fox News Host Blames ‘Woke’ Athletes

Fox News host Tammy Bruce firmly believes that “woke” athletes are to blame for so many Americans choosing not to watch the Olympics this year.

“Failure, misery, resentment, victimhood, hatred for the country… that’s what fuels the left … and it’s penetrating nearly every corner of society,” Bruce said as she tore into these athletes. “Ask yourself… could this shift in attitude and a shift away from national pride be present in team USA’s stumbling start at the Olympic Games?”

See what else she has to say right here:

Not stopping there, Bruce called out the poor performances of so many “woke” athletes at this years games. The U.S. Women’s Soccer team was clobbered by Sweden 3-0 after they took a knee for Black Lives Matter before their game.

Meanwhile, the American men’s basketball team, which is headed by who Bruce described as the “rabid America-bashing leftist Gregg Popovich,” got beaten by France.

This was the first time the team had lost their Olympic opener in 16 years.

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Are Politics Are To Blame For Viewership Decline?

“I contend, for some, this is the conscious and subconscious result of choosing resentment and grievance over pride and optimism … translating into an embarrassment to even be an American and to represent our nation,” Bruce said, adding that politics are to blame for viewership decline. 

The Olympics have historically been a time when Americans everywhere can come together to feel pride in our country and our flags. However, these “woke” athletes have ripped that away from us.

No wonder so many Americans have decided to turn off their televisions altogether, and sit out these Olympic games. 

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