Ozzie Guillén
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Ozzie Guillén was brought to tears while discussing his love for the United States. The legendary Major League Baseball player had one of the most emotionally patriotic displays on television this Fourth of July. 

The standout Chicago White Sox shortstop is a native of Venezuela. He arrived here at the young age of 16 seeking to start a career in baseball. Ozzie became an American citizen in 2006 and he still gets emotional discussing it.

Lucky To Be An American

On the White Sox Pre Game Show this Independence Day, Guillén discussed the day he officially became an American.

He recognizes what an honor it is to be an American and how lucky he is.

“It’s special,” Guillén said. “People, they don’t know how hard that is. How many people die … How many people want to be American. It’s [an] honor for me,” Guillen added.

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“People, they don’t know how hard that is. How many people die … How many people want to be American. It’s [an] honor for me,” Ozzie Guillén continued.

When asked why he was so emotional discussing his adopted country, Guillén at first claimed he didn’t know.

Then he found the words.

“Opportunities, man. Opportunity opened the door for me and have been great. I’ve been living in this country for a long time, me and my family — at a great cost. It opened the door for them to be who they are,” Ozzie Guillén said.

“I’m a very tough guy, but seeing that, I know how it means to me and my family.”

Guillén retweeted the video and wrote “yes iam emotional this country open the door for me and my family thanks america.”

You can watch this tearful video in the tweet below.

Ozzie Guillén Challenges Sean Penn

This isn’t the first time Ozzie Guillén has spoken in praise of or defended the United States.

In 2011, he went after left wing actor Sean Penn who repeatedly praised Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

Guillén knows first hand what Venezuelans were dealing with and he issued a challenge to the actor. 

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“Oh God, you are very crazy. Go and move to our country. You will change your mind,” Ozzie tweeted. “Sean Penn defended Chavez is easy when you have money and [don’t live] in [our] country shame on you mr penn.”

Well done, Ozzie!

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