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Tyron Woodley: Jake Paul ‘Was Scared’ During Faceoffs

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is ready to finish Jake Paul and end his run later this summer.

Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley will present the most dangerous opponent for Jake Paul when the two square off.

Woodley and Paul have been promoting their summer boxing match through several media and open workout events. 

Recently, Woodley was a guest on Submission Radio to further discuss the upcoming bout. 

“Of course. He’s never seen a press conference. I was never in a super fight. I never got to talk shit with Conor McGregor. I never got to go against Nate or Nick Diaz or GSP or Bisping, or people that I would have had a chance. I was going against Wonderboy. I was going against Demian Maia. I was going against Robbie Lawler, who barely says anything,” Woodley. “So, everybody I was competing against in a press conference, it was always somebody super humble, somebody I really respected. Who’s gonna yell at Wonderboy or Demian Maia? People would have hated me that I was talking trash and stuff against them. So, with that said, I really just put myself in the position to focus on the fight and focus on what guy I had for me. Everybody gets a turn. My turn may not have came in Mixed Martial Arts to fight for the big fight and get the big bag, but my legacy is permanent.”

“I got the same both times. I was surprised. I just said he’s scared. He was scared both times. And he’s used to watching me. He’s raised on rap music. People rap about what I lived. That’s a big difference. He’s wearing necklaces and chains and he’s a byproduct of what people are talking about. I lived that life, I lived in those environments. So, he doesn’t have the experience of having to be in hairy situations and fight through it and being in a position where you gotta make decisions, you gotta watch your surroundings. He never had to do that. So, I don’t make anything of it. He’s doing what he’s seen Conor do. He’s doing what he’s seen us do. He was a fan of mine. He probably played me as a character on the UFC video game, cause I was one of the best characters. I mean, he’s doing what he’s supposed to do, and you gotta take your hat off to him at some point.”

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