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Superstars Upset With Vince McMahon, Wrestlers Defend Dolph Ziggler

Vince McMahon upset a bunch of superstars by making them work extra at the WWE Performance Center. Also, wrestlers are shocked Dolph Ziggler does not have merchandise for sale. 

Superstars Upset With Vince McMahon

For whatever reason, Vince McMahon sent word that he wants the main roster superstars back at the Performance Center. They are supposed to be there for additional training, but it was not noted if top stars like Randy Orton or Roman Reigns had to partake.

Those who did, were apparently not happy. Making the trip and also not getting paid were some sticking points.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio [1], Dave Meltzer went into further details.

“I know that there were people who were not too unhappy who live there to go in and many of them would have gone in [to the WWE Performance Center] on their own anyway just for that,” said Meltzer. “But, there were also people who didn’t live there who were very unhappy about their days off, not getting paid extra, [and] that they had to come to the Performance Center and do drills.”

Vince McMahon Order Led To Bayley Injury 

Then, he brought up what happened to Bayley. Like the rest of the roster, she went to the mandatory training. 

In what is being called a freak accident, she tore the ACL in her knee [2]. Therefore, she is out of the Money in the Bank title match and will be away for about nine months.

The injury comes at a terrible time. WWE has cut a large number of their superstars [3] for over year and many were females.

So, that has caused a lack of opponents for both brands. WWE did bring in NXT’s Shotzi and Nox [4], while Toni Storm is on her way.

McMahon probably wants to make sure his talent is ready for the coming months. In less than a week, fans will finally be returning on a regular basis  [5]as WWE hits the road.

The first show will be SmackDown, then a few live events and RAW on Monday. It will be great to see actual fans each week and not the heads of people on large LED screens.

Wrestlers Defend Dolph Ziggler

Source: 411 Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Dolph Ziggler has been with WWE since 2004. Along the way, he has won numerous titles, including the World Heavyweight Championship.

There have moments where was featured towards the top and also made to look foolish. Despite all of it, Ziggler has remained loyal and is still a fan favorite; even if he is booked as the heel.

So, it took people back when a fan pointed out that he does not see fans wearing Ziggler shirts. Ziggler simply stated it is because WWE does not sell any.

That caused several current and former WWE staffers to express how they were shocked.