Stephanie McMahon Meets Executives To Fix WWE’s Viewer Problems

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon is scheduled to meet with executives in a bid to fix viewer problems in the coming months.

The WWE Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon will soon meet with Network executives to address viewer problems. Unfortunately, WWE has been dealing with dwindling viewership ratings.

Scheduled Meeting With Network Executives

Stephanie McMahon Viewer Problems
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Andrew Zarian from the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast broke the news this week. According to him, WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon is about to meet with important Network executives. 

At the moment, it is unclear which Network Chief Brand Officer Stephanie is meeting with. 

“I don’t know which network it was but somebody told me that Steph has a meeting with one of the networks at the end of the month for pitched ideas from the network. I don’t know if this is a common thing that they do or if this is a regular thing but I know that the networks are pitching ideas.”

Several networks have pushed some ideas on WWE in the past. In fact, the 24/7 championship was a suggestion from USA Network.

At the moment, both Fox and USA Network have a deal with WWE. Because of the pandemic, they are rightfully worried about the dwindling viewership.

Of course, the pandemic might not be the only factor to consider. After all, many fans made the switch to alternative promotions such as Impact Wrestling and AEW.

Fan Comments On Viewer Problems

Stephanie McMahon Viewer Problems
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There is plenty of criticism online about the WWE. That being said, wrestling fans are known to be critical.

So, it takes a while to weed through all the criticism on social media. However, there are some things that come back repeatedly from numerous fans.

One of the dominant comments on social media is the lack of proper bookings. More specifically, WWE is booking matches and wrestlers in main spots, but fans are not interested.

Vince is known to push certain wrestlers fans do not really want to see. The Roman Reigns push years back is just one of those examples.

So, when it comes to bookings, fans are certainly quite critical of that. In spite of that, there are plenty of good booking suggestions from fans too.

The releases in WWE did not do the brand any favors either. Especially when you consider the popularity of those wrestlers back in NXT.

Aleister Black, Rusev and Buddy Murphy are just some of the examples of releases that hit fans hard. But once more, those wrestlers move on to rival promotions.

Another big problem with WWE lies in the production value. The budget cuts are apparent, especially in cinematic matches and even gimmick matches.

There are plenty of ideas in the wrestling kingdom, but the execution of those ideas is almost ridiculous. 

Finally, fans are also complaining about repeated feuds. For example, The Fiend and Randy Orton faced each other so many times, there is nothing new there.

By releasing some of the newer talent with huge potential, WWE shot itself in the foot. Now, the promotion has few cards left to play in terms of surprises.

Let’s hope the Network can shake things up for WWE, its wrestlers and of course the remaining fans.

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