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Roman Reigns Dirty Joke Removed, WWE Return To Saudi Arabia

A Superstar said something he probably should not have, and in replays, a Roman Reigns dirty joke has been removed. As the company returns to touring, fans wonder when WWE will make its return to Saudi Arabia-and we may now know.

Roman Reigns Dirty Joke Removed

If you caught SmackDown on Friday [1], you may have heard something that you won’t hear on replays-a Roman Reigns dirty joke was removed in the edits.

During Friday’s episode, Roman Reigns dropped one particular line that was admittedly a bit surprising. Reigns basically stated that John Cena was as boring as a certain sexual position.

That edgy, dirty joke has been removed from any replays of the July 23rd SmackDown.

OK, compared to what we used to get from WWE some twenty years ago, the joke hardly seems edgy. But, as we know all to well, this is not that era, so things are much more image conscious.

Plus, you know, appealing to a more family friendly audience.

If you were a parent, either at the show or watching at home with your impressionable child…that could have been an awkward moment.

However, if you are watching it in replays…dirty joke removed, awkward moment avoided.

WWE Return To Saudi Arabia

With the company back on the road, it’s just a matter of time before WWE returns to Saudi Arabia, right?

The polarizing but lucrative relationship that WWE [2] entered with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a few years ago has given fans some major shows. 

It has also given us plenty of controversy, with unhappy performers and boycotts.

However, the relationship remains in place, and WWE is due to return to Saudi Arabia at some point.

wwe return to saudi arabia
source: custom, WrestlingNews.co twitter screenshot

There wasn’t a show in Saudi Arabia in 2020, due to the worldwide pandemic and travel restrictions. A WWE return to Saudi Arabia at the time was impractical.

While things are still in flux, it appears that the company has been working on plans to return.

Per Andrew Zarian, via the Mat Men Podcast [3], expect a WWE return to Saudi Arabia in October.

Right now, tentatively aiming for October 21.

As with anything lately, this could change at any point…

Some current and former Superstars have protested or boycotted [8] some or all prior shows. In some cases, major talents have refused to go, citing political or personal reasons. [9]

Other Superstars stated, after one of the last visits, that they would never go back. 

It is hard to forget that infamous last show. Many Superstars were effectively stuck in a plane on a runway for many hours [10] due to issues between WWE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Due to so many Superstars being unable to make it back to the United States for that SmackDown, it led to an exciting NXT-driven episode of the Friday night show [11]-one of the rare examples of NXT talent not being buried on the main roster lately.