Matt Roloff Is Creating Something Extraordinary For Ex-Wife Amy’s Wedding

Matt Roloff is determined to finish building a large barn on the Roloff Farm in time for Amy and Chris' wedding day in August.

The Roloffs are coming together to prepare for Amy and Chris Marek’s wedding. This even includes Amy’s ex-husband Matt who is doing something extraordinary. He is building a large barn that Amy and Chris will use for their wedding ceremony.

Not many ex-husbands would be accommodating enough to even show up much less build a place for their ex.

But, Matt obviously wants Amy to be happy and he’s investing blood, sweat, and tears to make that happen.

Amy And Chris Will Hold Wedding At The Farm

Amy and Chris decided to get married at Roloff Farms. She hasn’t lived there since her 2016 divorce from Matt. 

Still, it’s where she raised her children – twins Jeremy and Zach, both 31, daughter Molly, 27, and son Jacob, 24. The pandemic also made the the farm the right fit because of restrictions and availability elsewhere.

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“COVID came into play because I think a lot of people either changed or canceled and moved whatever was going on in 2020 to 2021, so other places just kind of eroded away, and plan B became plan A,” the bride to be said.

Amy Roloff also shares how she was feeling when she was first meeting with Matt about the barn. “When I come to the farm now and when I meet with Matt, I mean, it’s getting easier, but I think I’ll probably always be guarded and I think that is just, you know, 25 years of history.” 

Does Matt Have An Ulterior Motive?

Matt went into action to build a barn big enough for the wedding guests. He posted an Instagram picture of the framework for the barn to show the progress.

He is hopeful it will be done in time for the big day August 28.


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He also posted a video of the barn to give a better view of what is going on. It’s enormous!

But, this has even deeper meaning for Matt. It’s actually his dream barn. And it looks like Amy’s wedding is serving as the motivation to get it built.

Still, it’s a grand gesture to hustle to get it done for Amy and Chris.

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“This is not my dream house.. it’s my dream barn/garage. The Lord willing and the creek doesn’t rise .. James 4:15 … I will soon (after Amy’s wedding) start the house that will eventually be attached to this structure by a breeze way connector. I know I know. Too much info for some.. but wanted to share the details anyway,” Matt shared in the Instagram video below.


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Meanwhile, Amy and Chris are looking forward to tying the knot. The happy couple is counting down the days until they finally get to begin their happy ever after.

 “Little People, Big World” fans are sure to have a front row seat as Amy and Chris say “I do” next season on the family’s hit TLC reality show.

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