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Jason Whitlock Calls Out Colin Kaepernick And LeBron James’ Silence On Shooting At Washington Nationals Park

Sports Journalist Jason Whitlock called out “multimillionaire social activist athletes” such as LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick for staying silent about the shooting outside Washington Nationals Park on July 17.

On Saturday night, gunshots rang out outside the Washington Nationals ballpark, sending terrified fans running for their lives. You can see the pandemonium for yourself in the video below. 

Whitlock Sounds Off On LeBron James And Colin Kaepernick 

Whitlock believes both gun and gang violence is out of control in this country, yet “woke” stars like James and Kaepernick say nothing about it.

“I’ve never liked guns. I still don’t,” Whitlock began on his show “Fearless.”

“But the last decade has helped me understand their value in a free society. A decade ago, I took American freedom for granted. I thought the people who argued that the political left would strip Americans of basic freedoms, I thought they were crazy. Now, I don’t think they’re crazy.”

“The gatekeepers of American culture, the super elites who live in gated communities and employ private security teams, have purposely created a culture that bows to violent gang culture,” he added. “Look at the reaction to what happened at Washington Nationals ballpark. A fan who left the game to catch an Uber was one of the victims.”

“Gang violence directly impacted the sports world,” Whitlock continued. “Are the multimillionaire social activist athletes loudly decrying what happened? Have we heard from Colin Kaepernick or LeBron James? Has Jemele Hill tweeted a word?”

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Whitlock Calls Out Hollywood 

Whitlock also condemned the “left-wing gatekeepers” in Hollywood for the “glorification of gang culture” in both their movies and their music.

“American culture is in crisis. We’ve legalized a lethal dose of immorality, dishonesty, and idolatry. Our code of conduct is driven by popularity, profit, and fear,” he wrote in an op-ed on published by TheBlaze [4]. “It’s safer to demonize guns than gangs. Guns don’t pull triggers. Gangs do.”

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James, Kaepernick, and their fellow “woke” athletes love to blast America as a whole and disrespect our flag whenever they can. Yet, they ignore the actual problems that are plaguing our country, particularly in minority communities.

Perhaps if they weren’t so interested in using their anti-American activism to fill their own pockets, they would take the time to actually help American youths by condemning gang culture and rampant gun violence.

Sadly, these days, calling America “racist” every chance one gets is far more lucrative for athletes. So, don’t expect James and Kaepernick to speak out against these issues anytime soon. 

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