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Becky Lynch Switching Brands? + AEW Figure Pushes For Ruby Riott

While Becky Lynch was on RAW originally, could she be swithcing brands upon her return? Plus, an AEW figure is rooting for Ruby Riott.

There has been a ton of buzz about Becky Lynch returning to the WWE. She took time off after WrestleMania 36 to have her daughter. Now, there’s word that she could be switching brands, from RAW to SmackDown.

Becky Lynch Switching Brands?

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins welcomed her first daughter, Baby Roux, this past December. The Man now remains focused on a return to the WWE squared circle.

She’s accompanied Seth Rollins (backstage) at a few WWE events. She even posted on social media when she was at the Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view (PPV).

Sean Ross Sapp chimed in on The Man’s return, during a recent Fightful Select RAW review. He was surprised that the WWE booked a triple threat match for the RAW Women’s Championship for SummerSlam.

It was unexpected, as everyone would naturally think that Becky would be included in a coveted bout of that sort.

However, he noted that the current train of thought could be that Lynch ends up on SmackDown when she returns.

Becky Lynch Switching Brands To SmackDown?

Sapp revealed that he was caught off guard by the SummerSlam booking for the RAW Women’s title. He was quick to say that she could be headed to another brand.

Sean also stated that the WWE needs Lynch back in a “bad way”. This is completely true.

Still, it’s all about the timing of her return. Joining SmackDown also makes sense since hubby Seth is on that brand, too.

Over to the land of AEW, the promotion has taken the opportunity to sign some talent recently released by the WWE.

Will Ruby Riott be included in the batch of ex-WWE talent to make the jump?

There’s certainly one AEW figure rooting her on. More information on this, below.

AEW Figure Pushes For Ruby Riott

There’s a new wave of ex-WWE superstars hitting their 90-day non-compete clauses. Ruby Riott is seemingly one of them.

Becky Lynch Switching Brands
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Could she be headed to AEW? There’s one person who’s hoping she will be.

During a recent Thought Count Anywhere Podcast, Vickie Guerrero was asked about this. She answered that she’d love to see Ruby in AEW.

Guerrero went on to note that Riott was “underutilized” in the WWE. She also stated Ruby was a wholesome human being with great talent.

There Are Other Factors Involved

Vickie stated during the podcast that she has requested an all-female faction to lead. Could Ruby Riott become an addition to this stable?

It’s no secret, Ruby’s amazing in the ring and backstage. However, she could also provide some veteran experience to the AEW women’s division.

Still, it’s important to note that both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are major names that have recently been signed to the company. That can take up a ton of budget when looking to sign other talents.

Riott joined the WWE in 2016. She entered the land of NXT at that point.

She’d move up to the main roster in 2017. She had a splashing debut with fellow Riott Squad members Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan.

Sadly, the WWE did not utilize any of these three ladies to their full potential during their tenure with the company. Here’s hoping wherever Riott ends up, she’s given some opportunity.

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