AEW Gets Major Boost In Viewership After Moving Dynamite Again

AEW Dynamite got a serious viewership boost by moving its show back to its regular day. But what does this mean for the promotion?

AEW Dynamite got a serious viewership boost this week by going back on Wednesdays. But what does this mean for the promotion in the long run?

AEW Dynamite Viewership Boost Explained

AEW Dynamite Viewership Boost
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This week’s episode of Dynamite brought a whopping 883,000 viewers to TNT. Compared to the previous week, that’s an increase of 36%.

Naturally, the massive increase can easily be explained. In fact, AEW Dynamite moved from the Saturday to the Wednesday slot once more.

The key demographic of 18-49 experienced a 66.7% increase from the previous week. Since this is the most important demographic, it shows that Wednesday truly is the best day for the promotion to flourish.

AEW had to move its show to Saturday due to the NBA playoffs. Now, the promotion has gone back to its regular slot. 

It is likely that the promotion will have to switch again for other sports events in the future. Of course, the longer it remains on Wednesdays, the more of an opportunity there is for a loyal, following fanbase.

The news about the increase could not have come at a better time. Unfortunately, there have been rumors that tickets for upcoming events are selling slower than management would have hoped. 

Disappointing Ticket Sales

Brass ring AEW
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While AEW is doing well according to most reports, there is a rumor that ticket sales aren’t doing too great. But is the promotion itself actually the problem?

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW has been struggling with their ticket sales for their 25-city tour. Of course, worse can be said for the WWE.

So, has wrestling suddenly become less popular? 

Well, we do not think the product is the problem here. The explanation could be much simpler, more specifically the coronavirus pandemic.

Like it or not, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world forever. This includes the minds of everyone around the world.

Some people do not feel secure about attending an event with loads of other people around. Coronavirus hit the world hard, and not everyone is getting back to normal that easily.

Of course, we also need to take the news with a grain of salt. In fact, it is believed that WWE ticket sales are doing even worse than those of AEW.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, some events in the WWE have almost sold out. This includes Money in the Bank and SmackDown in Houston, Texas.

However, other shows for the WWE did a lot worse. In fact, some reports state that they particularly struggle for events in Miami and Charlotte.

Interestingly, these are the areas where AEW is performing quite well. So, maybe in addition to the pandemic, there could be a trend in promotion preferences across the United States.

The true scope of things should only be visible once life returns to somewhat normal. But for now, signs are pointing to AEW becoming the big rival WWE needs.

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