What Is The Problem With NXT And Does WWE Need To Worry?

WWE seems to be worrying about the problem they are having with NXT. But is it as serious as it is made out to be in the media and why?

According to sources, the WWE is truly concerned about the problem with NXT. The promotion is hemorrhaging viewership. 

What Is The Problem With NXT?

The Problem With NXT (WWE)
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Over the past couple of months, it has been clear NXT has some serious issues. In fact, the promotion switched from Wednesdays to Mondays to avoid competition with AEW.

But the switch to Monday has not paid off. Unfortunately, it has underlined the undergoing problems the promotion has. 

AEW has continued to grow steadily over the past couple of months. NXT on the other hand, has continued to drop in viewers.

The last viewership rating announced by NXT was a mere 698,000. Unfortunately, this stands in stark contrast to when the promotion was hitting nearly a million viewers. 

A couple of years ago, true wrestling fans turned to NXT to see something original. But now it seems that many of those fans have gone off the promotion completely.

One of the biggest reasons for the problems is the arrival of AEW. Obviously, the fact the show ran on the same night as NXT did not do the WWE any favors.

As AEW became more successful, programming on NXT started to change more dramatically. There was less long-term storybuilding, and more quick matches.

The lack of build is now having an effect on the viewership ratings for NXT. Of course, the arrival of AEW also proved that NXT is not the true alternative for mainstream wrestling.

Furthermore, many fans who grew discontent with the WWE have immediately turned to this alternative.

Who To Cheer For?

Franky Monet
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Despite the competition of AEW, it is not the only problem facing NXT. In fact, there is a certain lack of bankable talent.

The problem with the “bankable talent” does not lay with talent itself. After all, the promotion sports some of the most exciting indie stars. 

Despite the indie talent, many of these wrestlers seem to follow instructions loyally. Unfortunately, this is at the expense of character growth. 

Add to that a lack of serious storylines and you end up with a lack of standouts. That being said, there are a few standouts left.

Nevertheless, these standouts do not compare to some of the wrestlers who came before them. For example, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Of course, there is also the main roster curse. Many wrestlers who have been “promoted,” found themselves released or lost in the mix months later.

There is no doubt in our mind that this claimed “curse” is playing a role in how talent see themselves going forward. Some have even hesitated or refused a step to the main roster, with Johnny Gargano being a prime example.

But as the stories continue to lack depth and no standouts are found, what will happen to the main roster?

NXT may be suffering now, but this could be corrected a lot easier than the main roster.

The WWE depends on developmental to get its new talent. But how has most of that talent fared?

Can the WWE fix the problem? Or will they continue to use a faulty tactic. 

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