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USA Network Upset With WWE, Superstar Nearly Went Blind

The USA Network is upset with WWE and it all revolves around a particular match. And, a superstar almost went blind because of brain tumors.

Many times, people don’t care for the product…but now the USA Network is upset with WWE-and with very good reason. Plus, a Superstar nearly went blind due to a previous health issue.

USA Network Upset With WWE

Imagine if a competing network, working with a common partner, got a better deal than you did. That is precisely why USA Network is reportedly upset with WWE right now.

To catch you up to speed a little bit…

Sunday is the early edition of Hell In A Cell. The PPV was last held in the Fall, but for unknown reasons, WWE felt like having the 2021 edition in June.

That is fine…

Now, thus far, we had all of two Cell matches.

RAW has Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre battling for a belt. SmackDown was giving us Roman Reigns and…Rey Mysterio.

Yes, was is the key word here.

Just ahead of Friday’s SmackDown, word came down that the blue brand Cell match was going to happen on FOX, not during Sunday’s PPV.

USA Network didn’t get a Cell match for RAW…but their competitor, with a common WWE partner, had one advertised for Friday.

So, it’s not too hard to understand why USA Network might be upset with WWE.

In fairness to all involved, there SHOULD be some differentiation between offerings. If we all got the same exact content whether it was Monday, Friday or Sunday…things could get boring.

According to the Mat Men podcast, USA Network officials are upset with WWE. Perhaps not super upset, but certainly not happy.

I get it…and as a fan…I am not happy either.

usa upset with wwe
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It used to be, long ago, that certain matches, stipulations and gimmicks were rarely seen outside of big shows.

While we see cage matches more often now, things like Hell In A Cell should be reserved for, well…the PPV named after the structure.

Sure, this is easier to do because the Sunday PPV happens where the Friday SmackDown happens…but keep some PPV stuff for the PPVs…

Superstar Nearly Went Blind

In other news, a new WWE Superstar nearly went blind due to a previous medical condition.

superstar nearly went blind
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Big bad Omos, currently one half of the RAW Tag Team Champions, very nearly lost his vision thanks to a pair of brain tumors he had to deal with in college.

That was revealed in a piece via The Athletic

While things could have certainly been much more grim, having tumors that require surgery, and which could have led to vision issues, is no joke.

So, it’s certainly a shock to learn that the young Superstar nearly went blind.

Clearly WWE has high hopes for the massive Omos. While very green, you cannot teach size.

There have been reports that the presence and apparent development of Omos was one factor in WWE deciding to release Braun Strowman.

Of course, none of that would have even mattered, had the Superstar went blind from the tumors.

Fortunately, they were caught and addressed, and Omos is acclimating himself nicely to his new roll. 

There are certainly few Superstars better to learn from than his partner, AJ Styles.

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