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Jon Gosselin Holds Out Hope For One Special Gift This Father’s Day

Jon Gosselin is holding out hope that he will reunite with all of his children for Father’s Day. He says he “won’t give up” trying to bridge that gap. 

The former reality star has custody of two of his eight children.

Hannah and Collin live with him in Pennsylvania while the other four septuplets live in North Carolina with Kate. The former couple’s 20-year-old twins are college students who also live with Kate. 


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Brutal Divorce

It has been a very long time since Jon has seen his other six children. However, Hannah still speaks to them, which gives him a link to them.

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“Hannah stays in contact with them,” Jon reports. “I love my kids, all of them. Even though I’m kind of estranged from Mady and Cara, I hope one day that they just call me up and just talk to me.”

The couple burst into the national limelight in 2007 with “Jon and Kate Plus 8.”

After parting ways, Kate continued in reality television without Jon on “Kate Plus 8.”

That show ran until 2017 when Jon was able to pull the plug on it since he hadn’t given permission for his minor children to be filmed. 

Kate and Jon had a grueling divorce.

Jon was alienated from the children for a while before gaining custody of Collin and Hannah. Last year, Kate made the distance even greater by moving to North Carolina along with Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel.

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“I always have hope,” Jon recently said [4]. “I hope one day maybe they just knock on my door or maybe drop me a line or text me. Something like that.”


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Jon Gosselin “Holds On To Hope” For A Reunion 

“I kind of just have to hold on to hope and not give up and let them know that I love them and I’m here no matter what. I’m not going to give up but I can’t dwell on the whys and hows,” the father of eight continued. “I just have to focus on getting myself right and the ones that are here and doing the best that I can and being centered and being in a good relationship and focusing on myself as well.”

Jon doesn’t have any specific plans for Father’s Day.

He is hoping to hear from any of the six children with whom he does not have regular contact. But,  he is grateful to spend the day with Collin and Hannah. 

“We don’t have any set plans for Father’s Day. When you’re a father who’s had kids taken away from you, you feel like every day is Father’s Day for you. I see my kids every single day. I have off though. I’ll probably do nothing,” he said.