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John Cena Turned Down Role, Plans For Jaxson Ryker And Elias

In something we don’t hear often, John Cena turned down a role offered to him by Vince McMahon. Plus, what are WWE’s plans for Jaxson Ryker and Elias?

John Cena Turned Down Role

Sure, John Cena is a big movie star [1]…but would you be surprised to hear that John Cena turned down a role?

john cena turned down
source: custom, John Cena Twitter screenshot

Would you be even more surprised to hear that John Cena turned down a role offered to him by Vince McMahon?

Yes, that role that John Cena turned down was not a movie role. It was a role for WWE.

Of course, John Cena hasn’t been a full time Superstar in a couple years now. That transition follows a good chunk of time where Cena made fun of part timers. [6]

Now, he is one.

But, once upon a time, before John Cena found Hollywood…John Cena turned down a role to be…a heel.

According to a summary via Bleacher Report [7], who was providing a synopsis of a recent “We Watch Wrestling” podcast, Vince McMahon wanted John Cena to be…a heel.

Not just any heel, mind you. According to the report, Vince was angling to run Cena out there as the latest incarnation of the Bret Hart ‘tweener heel.

Hated by some cities. Loved by others.

Of course, for Hart, it wasn’t super challenging. He was loved in Canada for the same things he was hated in America.

For Cena, he ended up being loved and hated in the same cities-just by different demographics.

So, why did John Cena turn down the role?

Well, according to the podcast, Cena was either all in, or not at all.

That’s the punchline. After many times having fans say that John Cena should have turned heel…it sounds like Cena turned down a role because it wouldn’t turn him all heel, all the time.

Now, we will forever wonder…what if.

Plans For Jaxson Ryker And Elias

Over the last couple weeks, fans might be wondering what WWE’s plans for Jaxson Ryker [8] and Elias are.

It’s a fair question, honestly.

Just a couple weeks ago, the two Superstars were a duo, and fans may have thought they’d become the RAW Tag Team Champions.

jaxson ryker and elias
source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

Now, the two are kicking off a bit of an unexpected feud.

On the last RAW of May [9], Elias walked out on Jaxson Ryker, mid-match.

On the June 7th edition of RAW, Ryker got a taste of revenge, attacking his former partner from behind to kick off their fun for the evening.

So, what are the plans for Jaxson Ryker and Elias?

According to PWInsider, there’s an explanation for the bit of a makeover Jaxson Ryker got.

Moving forward, plans are for Ryker to be on the babyface side of the roster. Elias will continue to be the heel.

I cannot help but wonder if an act like Elias, which is so heavily tied to crowd response, will do much better when WWE hits the road again [10] in July.

While the jury is still out on Jaxson Ryker [11], it would be excellent to see Elias get into some more meaningful, upper tier programs.