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Sports Journalist Jason Whitlock Slams LeBron James For Embracing China Over U.S.

Jason Whitlock didn’t hold back when discussing woke athletes embracing China. The sports journalist said LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, and even Serena Williams embrace “Anti-American Sentiment.”

As a guest on “The Truth With Lisa Boothe [1],” Whitlock launched into a brutal assessment at how Nike athletes are turning their backs on America in a cash grab.

LeBron will not be happy with this criticism. 

Whitlock Thinks They’re Bowing To China

“I think we’re going to have to really come to grips that China is the dominant force globally right now,” the veteran sports columnist said. “All of our corporations want to improve their relationships with China. And so in the sports world, there’s nothing more powerful than Nike. It’s a 40 to $50 billion company. It’s bigger, more financially relevant and stronger than the NFL and the NBA combined.”

“That’s why LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, even Serena Williams, there are other spokesmen, they’ve embraced an anti-American sentiment in their public stances,” Whitlock told Boothe [2]. “Because this improves their relationship with China. And this is why they’re so fearful of ever speaking out against anything that goes on in China,” Whitlock continued.

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Whitlock believes this anti-American sentiment is fueled for one reason – money.

“Nike wants to sell more shoes in China,” he says in the tweeted video clip below.

Woke Athletes Remain Silent On Social Justice In China

Many American athletes have been highly critical of life here.

But, those same athletes are silent about social justice in China.

They completely overlook genocide and oppression in the country that is expanding their bank accounts at furious rates.

“China has a very cleverly, convinced a segment of the population, a healthy segment, that there’s no worse racism than what’s in America,” Jason Whitlock points out. “No one ever says, well, hold on, man, go look at China, go at- how do you think black people are treated in China? And not the celebrity, black people, not the basketball players, because China has a passion for basketball that’s unmatched around the world.”

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You can listen to Jason Whitlock’s entire appearance on “The Truth With Lisa Boothe” in the embedded audio below.

The woke athlete discussion begins at around the 18 minute mark.