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Hikaru Shida Teases A New Look With Surprising Social Media Post

AEW’s Hikaru Shida [1] may have lost the championship, but she is not sitting still. In fact, the former champion recently teased a new look on social media!

AEW Wrestler Hikaru Shida Teases New Look

On June 4th, Hikaru Shida [5] posted a cryptic social media message with the hashtag “Restart.” One thing was clear though, Shida’s iconic locks were on the floor.

With the social media post, AEW Shida hints at a new look and possibly a new attitude.

Of course, now is the time since she recently lost her title to Britt Baker.

Shida [6] was a dominant champion until recently. At Double or Nothing, she was finally dethroned. 

Heel Baker seemed to be too much for the dominant champ. However, we wonder if this gave Shida an opportunity to change her character.

Even though she is one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster, it could be time for an attitude change for Shida.

It could also mean a rematch with Baker somewhere down the line.

Despite her heel character, Baker is also counted among the most popular stars. So maybe Shida is working on a plan to regain her championship.

Seeing Shida as a heel or with an entirely new character would certainly be interesting.

And considering she had a dominant reign, she is still the best person to take on Britt Baker going forward.

What’s In The Cards For Shida Moving Forward

Hikaru Shida
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Given the success Shida had in AEW [7], it is unlikely she will move to another promotion going forward. She has also been booked against Diamante for a Dark Match.

It is strange however that Shida went from dominant champion to taking matches on Dark.

However, it does prove that nobody gets preferential treatment at AEW.

One of the first challengers for the title is likely to be Nyla Rose. After all, Nyla seemed to be starting a feud with Baker during her celebration.

Given Baker’s success, it is unlikely she will be dethroned anytime soon. Naturally, this gives Shida the chance to do something different for a little while.

It is likely however, that Shida will return for a revenge match in the future. Of course, it remains to be seen if that will be a title match.

Shida cutting her hair is an interesting sign though. So, tuning in on Dark will surely tell us more.

In addition to her title loss, Shida also had a tough time with a commentator.

After all, the commentator made some rude comments about her accent.

The commentator was eventually released. Shida also responded to the incident herself.

I didn’t wanna talk about this before my big day, so let me tell you now. Don’t give a shit what other people say about my race because I love it and I proud of it, and because I know which is fool. I don’t even feel anger. So don’t need to worry about me. Thank you.”

So, it seems Shida remains positive in spite of everything. Now, that is what a true champion is made of.