pushing to keep superstar
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While the company may be fine letting some talent go, WWE is pushing hard to keep one Superstar who’s contract expires soon. Plus, some insight into some odd backstage interview guidelines WWE uses.

WWE Pushing To Keep Superstar

While the company has released quite a few notable names recently, WWE is pushing to keep one Superstar who is staring at an expiring contract.

So which Superstar is WWE pushing to keep?

Daniel Bryan. And the company may have their work cut out for them.

It’s an interesting situation, but I have to agree with their intent.

Over the past few years, WWE has seen some talent be released, while other talent chose not to re-sign.

pushing to keep superstar

source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

Some of those have gone on to AEW, with the biggest names of Superstars who got away likely being Dean Ambrose.

You could possibly count Sting and Christian among those, and I’d include The Big Show too.

While the company jettisoned names like Rusev and, most recently Samoa Joe…all those others I mentioned chose not to re-sign with WWE.

Meaning, WWE wanted to keep those talents. Those talents had no desire to stay, for one reason or another.

Which brings us to Daniel Bryan.

Bryan, of course, enjoyed a nice run to this year’s WrestleMania. He didn’t win the championship, but he did get himself into a WrestleMania main event yet again.

The once retired Superstar has been up front about things. He feels that he doesn’t have much left as a full time talent, so he’s maximizing his in ring time.

To that, he’s also been openly discussing a desire to wrestle more…outside of WWE.

And, he’s confirmed that his WWE contract is expiring this year. According to the Wrestling Observer, it actually expired last week, which dovetails with his SmackDown title match loss and removal from the blue brand.

What Now

So yes, WWE is pushing to keep the Superstar. But will they make him an offer too good to refuse?

Or would a company like AEW make him an offer that appeals more? Surely there’s something to be said for an easier schedule, good money and matches that fans can right now only dream of.

Bryan’s status right now is up in the air…but like some others before him, WWE is pushing to keep the Superstar in the family.

Odd Backstage Interview Guidelines

Certain folks within WWE are known for micromanaging things, so having some odd backstage interview guidelines probably won’t shock many.

Still, WWE does, and we can talk about them.

There is one in particular, and though it does sound a bit odd…you can understand why.

odd backstage interview guidelines

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Specifically…backstage interview personalities tend to be short.

Or, if you are not short and want to be one of those like Kayla Braxton or Kevin Patrick…be prepared to look short.

According to Scott Stanford, via his appearance on the Launchast, Vince McMahon wants these backstage personalities to be rather diminutive.

One big reason for it? To help sell the size of the Superstars. 

Outside of some obvious personalities, WWE wants to make sure it doesn’t have someone interviewing a Superstar who is, well…bigger than that Superstar.

It’s an odd backstage interview guideline, but at least it sort of makes sense.

With WWE, we’ve certainly heard and seen weirder things.

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