WWE Fires More Staff As International Company Offices Are Hit Bad

The WWE international company offices got hit badly this week as more firings took place. With it, the company continues cutting costs.

WWE international company offices were hit hard this week as the company continues to cut cost. To cut their expenses, the WWE decided on more releases around the world.

Talent And Executive Releases

WWE International Company Offices
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The WWE continues its path of cutting costs. Only this time, the releases hit across all WWE international company offices.

As we already know, the company recently let go more NXT superstars. On of the most prominent to be let go is Velveteen Dream.

WWE wrestlers are not the only ones to lose their job though. In fact, international offices have been hit by numerous releases.

One of the biggest names to be released is Dan Humphreys. Humphreys is the International Vice President of Communications in the UK.

Aside from the UK, other countries were hit, too. More releases took place in Japan, India, Germany, and the United States.

Another big release was Jaylar Donlan. He was the Executive Vice President of the WWE’s Advanced Media Group.

One thing is for certain, the released individuals were performing well. So, the releases seemed to be solely to cut costs.

Donlan was finalist for Digital Executive of the Year in 2021. 

The releases allegedly came from WWE President Nick Khan. However, there has been little word around the motivation behind them.

Efficient Staff Size

Vince McMahon
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The releases are just the beginning if Fightful and PWInsider are to be believed. It seems the WWE is looking to work more efficiently with less staff.

According to sources, several departments will be joined together. These will fall under the supervision of Kevin Dunn.

It is the WWE’s hope to reduce releases in the future. But for now, they are allegedly still coping with the pandemic.

Many businesses were forced to work with less staff. Obviously, it seems the WWE has to as well.

Naturally, many wrestlers are still concerned for their jobs. Anxieties are particularly high on the developmental brands.

Most believe that NXT wrestlers are now safe. However, the same does not apply to the true developmental brands.

Before wrestlers hit NXT, they are put on the actual developmental brand. More releases could follow on these brands.

Some promising talents were released in recent months. Many hope that the latest releases will truly be the last.

It all started in 2020 and seems to have continued well into 2021. Even though fans are now returning to arenas, the WWE is still focused on reducing overhead.

Nick Khan may have his eyes on running the WWE on less staff. Time will tell if these plans will be successful or not.

For now, Khan continues to trim the fat from WWE staff lists. But how much fat can be cut before the product becomes affected?

WWE is struggling to keep fan attention as it is. Rival companies such as AEW has certainly made this harder.

Unfortunately, the company is trying to get on top of things, but at the expense of experienced staff. 

The result from the releases will become more evidence in the months to come. Let’s hope that no essential staff is leaving the ranks!

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