WATCH: Morgan Wallen Returns To Stage At Kid Rock’s Nashville Bar After Racial Slur Controversy

Morgan Wallen refused to take a knee to cancel culture. The Country star returned to the stage in Nashville with an assist from Kid Rock.

Morgan Wallen refuses to be canceled. The Country music star returned to the stage for the first time since his racial slur controversy and he chose to perform at Kid Rock’s Nashville bar. 

Kid Rock joined Wallen on the stage in Nashville in an epic show of support as the “Wasted On You” singer stood strong in his first live performance in months.

The crowd was thrilled to see his return and sang along as the music filled the famed bar. 

Morgan Wallen’s Comeback

Wallen has been in hot water since February when he was captured on video yelling racial slurs while he was allegedly drunk. 

The blowback from the music industry was fierce. Wallen was dropped from his record label. He was even banned from the Billboard Music Awards.

And, nearly all of the nation’s country music stations banned his songs.

Despite all of this, his fans wouldn’t give up.

“Dangerous: The Double Album” sales were on fire. Fans showed their support by driving his record sales up. 

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Ironically Last May, Wallen was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct for an incident at Kid Rock’s bar.

Nashville Welcomes Wallen

But, there weren’t hard feelings since that’s where Wallen made his triumphant return Wednesday night. 


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Fans were excited to see the mullet-sporting Country star performing live. They stood and sang along with Morgan Wallen in the Nashville bar as he refused to be canceled.

They even shared videos on social media.

Wallen’s concert proved to be Nashville’s hot ticket of the night. 


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Kid Rock Joined In 

Kid Rock also took part in the festivities. He jumped on the stage to perform “Picture” with a lucky fan.

You can watch an up-close Facebook video of that below.


Kid Rock wasn’t the only singer showing support for Morgan Wallen in the last few days.

Jason Aldean also gave him a positive shoutout at his concert. 

“If any of you guys have followed my career over the years, you guys know that I’m a big country music fan but I love me some rock ‘n roll too,” Aldean said at his May 14th concert. “But every once in awhile we got to kind of drop something new on you, something [that] you’re not expecting. And a couple years ago, we dropped this song right here with a good friend of mine,” Aldean told the sold out crowd on night one. “My buddy Mr. Morgan Wallen was one of the writers on this song. [“You Make It Easy”]”

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Aldean’s crowd went wild when he praised Wallen.

You can watch that in the video below.

Morgan Wallen’s return can teach us a lot about how to fight back against cancel culture.

He apologized but he didn’t give up and retreat when the door was slammed in his face. Most importantly, devoted Country fans supported him the entire way!

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