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WALTER Seeks Out Cesaro, Dana Warrior Speaks About Dark Side Of The Ring

The NXT UK Champion may be running out of challengers, which may be why WALTER seeks out Cesaro. In other news, Dana Warrior speaks out about a recent Dark Side of the Ring episode featuring her late husband.

WALTER Seeks Out Cesaro

The NXT UK Champion has been on top for quite a while, and perhaps has no competition left in NXT. Could that be why WALTER [1] seeks out Cesaro?

Or, is this just a case of WALTER has a dream opponent, and it’s recent main event competitor Cesaro. [2]

As it turns out…it’s mostly the dream opponent scenario.

Keep in mind, with WALTER [3], logistics come into play a bit more than most.

walter seeks out cesaro
source: custom, WWE screenshot

The Ring General is not in the United States all that often. His opposition to working in America was, for a long time, a road block to him working with and for WWE.

That obstacle lessened with the launch of NXT UK, and he’s been the UK Champion for over a year already. Plus, as we’ve seen…he has come over to America for specific events.

A door opens?

Recently, WALTER sat down to speak with WWE’s After The Bell [4]. During his time on the show, the topic of dream opponents came up.

This is how we know WALTER seeks out Cesaro. But, to be completely fair, the Swiss Superman is not his only target.

WALTER listed three main dream opponents. One will be far easier than the others, but none are impossible.

The UK Champion mentioned he also wanted to do battle with Finn Balor [5]. As the two are both part of NXT, this would seem to be more feasible.

Plus, it’s not like Finn Balor would be opposed to traveling to the UK for a bout.

The other, aside from Cesaro, would be Daniel Bryan. Considering that Bryan is currently in a bit of a contract limbo, this is currently one dream match that is on indefinite hold.

Still, as fans, we should probably hope we get to see any or all of these at some point. WALTER picked out three Superstars who are quite talented and technical in the ring, meaning we could see some classics.

So, if WALTER seeks out Cesaro…or Daniel Bryan…or Finn Balor…I am all for it.

Dana Warrior Speaks About Dark Side Of The Ring

Fans of wrestling history generally enjoy “Dark Side of the Ring” [6]. Well, Dana Warrior speaks out about her husband’s episode of “Dark Side of the Ring”, and it’s safe to say she’s not a fan.

If you like yourself a behind-the-scenes wrestling docu-drama, now is a great time to be alive. There are at least two mainstream offerings currently.

dana warrior dark side of the ring
source: custom, WWE screenshot

On one hand, we have the newer A&E biographies, done in concert with WWE. On the other hand, we have the several-seasons-old Dark Side of the Ring, from Vice.

To be blunt, one set of stories is likely a bit more sanitized and sugar-coated. And if you weren’t sure which…the Dark Side episodes are likely about as blunt and brutal as can be aired.

Well, in discussing her involvement with the A&E episode on her late husband, Dana Warrior [7] spoke out about his pending Dark Side of the Ring show.

Her words, via social media, is that she wouldn’t be involved in that smut or filth. (Credit to Wrestling Inc. for the note). [8]

To be honest, many fans have had high praise for most, if not all, episodes of the Vice series. It may be uncomfortable and gritty, but it’s shown sides of our favorite wrestlers we never saw before.

Dana Warrior would not take part in the Vice series, but her late husband’s ex-wife did. One has to wonder if her disdain for the series or episode is a general position, or more bitterness toward the ex-wife.

Both shows are likely worth watching, but keep things in perspective. One show is done with an obvious influence, and one is not.