Sean Hannity Brings Up Blackface Scandal To Shut Down Jimmy Kimmel For His Scathing Remarks About Caitlyn Jenner

Jimmy Kimmel's blackface scandal just came back to haunt him as Sean Hannity used it to defend Caitlyn Jenner.

Late night television host Jimmy Kimmel’s blackface scandal came back to haunt him on Monday night, when Fox News host Sean Hannity reminded the world about it while defending Caitlyn Jenner from the liberal personality’s attacks.

Kimmel Attacks Jenner

After Jenner announced that she planned to run for governor of California, Kimmel had a full meltdown on her, calling the former Olympian an “a**hole.” 

“Is it transphobic to call a trans person an ignorant a-hole?” Kimmel asked on his show last Thursday night, according to Yahoo News. “Or does calling that trans person an ignorant a-hole, even though she happens to be a trans person, show that we don’t discriminate against ignorant a-holes no matter their gender orientation?”

This did not sit well with Hannity, who had interviewed Jenner when she made the announcement that she was running for office.

Hannity took it personally when Kimmel attacked Jenner following his interview with her, so he fired back at the late night host during a segment on his show last night. 

Hannity Fires Back

“Jimmy, what is with all the anger and all the cheap shots?” Hannity said. “Yeah, if you haven’t noticed, homeless people are all over your state. And by the way, don’t you have anything better to do? Maybe actually trying to be funny or boost your dismal ratings?”

Hannity then reminded the world of the so-called “woke” comedian’s blackface scandal.

Kimmel would prefer the world to forget that he previously wore blackface to portray basketball player Karl Malone on “The Man Show.”

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Hannity brought this up while offering his fellow television host some advice: 

“Jimmy, here’s my advice. Don’t talk about my show anymore. Bust since you did, let’s remind people, take a trip down memory lane. “You wanna talk about ignorant assholes? This is you dressed as Karl Malone.

And check this out. This is you, an ignorant asshole, when you had a cucumber in your pants during ‘The Man Show.’ And maybe your bosses at Disney can talk you out of your bad behavior.”

““You talk about my show, I’ll hit you back 50 times harder. Ball’s in your court,” Hannity concluded. 

Hannity is referring to the fact that he and Kimmel have had a longstanding public feud, with the ABC television host frequently attacking his Fox counterpart. 

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‘Woke’ Left’s Hypocrisy Is Exposed

The fact that Kimmel even still has a job in Hollywood after wearing blackface shows how hypocritical the “woke” cancel culture mob is.

Others have been cancelled for things far more benign than that.

Kimmel has only been saved because he spreads the left’s “woke” agenda, which makes him above the rules that they use to cancel others. 

It truly is a crazy world that we live in these days, isn’t it?

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