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Source: Queen Elizabeth and corgi screenshots via YouTube

Queen Elizabeth is known for loving dogs – especially her beloved corgis. A month after her husband Prince Philip died, her 5-month old puppy Fergus also passed away.

It’s been a rough year for the Queen. In addition to losing her husband of 73 years, Prince Harry has been skewering the Royal Family in the media.

Last week, he brutally accused Prince Charles, the Queen, and Prince Philip of being bad parents.

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Gifted Puppies When Prince Philip Fell Ill

Earlier this year, the Queen was gifted two puppies when Prince Philip became sick.

Prince Andrew gave her Fergus and Muick when Philip was hospitalized. Muick is a corgi while Fergus was a dorgi, a dachshund and Welsh corgi mix.

To add another dimension to this untimely death, Fergus was named after the Queen’s uncle who was killed in World War I. 

The pup fell ill shortly after being given to the Queen in February. 

The Queen’s Corgi Susan

The Queen first became devoted to corgis when she was given one named Susan.

The pup was so loved that she accompanied Her Majesty on her honeymoon.

This affection for Susan became an important fabric of her reign. Corgis are synonymous with Queen Elizabeth. 

She has had dozens of corgis during her reign.

At least until 2019, all of these corgis were descended from the Queen’s beloved Susan.

The Queen bred these dogs until 2012 when she ended the breeding program because she “didn’t want to have any more young dogs. She didn’t want to leave any young dog behind.”

Queen Elizabeth And James Bond

In 2012, the Queen and her corgis appeared alongside Daniel Craig for a James Bond-style entrance into the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

The dogs were as much a part of the performance as the Queen. 

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This video has become an instant favorite showing the Queen in a rather personal role.

She’s not always formal and is able to have fun. Most importantly, her lifelong love for her corgis shined through. 

You can watch that video below. 

We are heartbroken for the Queen and the losses she’s suffering.

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