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Morgan Wallen’s fans carried him to a momentous win in his battle with cancel culture. The singer won several major awards, including Top Country Artist, despite being banned from personally attending the awards ceremony.

Wallen apologized for his drunken use of a racial slur directed at a friend, but that wasn’t enough. His songs were removed from radio stations, record labels, streaming platforms, and even his own talent agency.

Ultimately, his devoted and loyal fans had the final say and they carried him to top honors.

Banned From Billboard Music Awards

He was barred from being present at the Billboard Music Awards ceremony, but he was still able to be nominated. 

Dick Clark Productions, which runs the awards show, said they would consider allowing him to attend in the future if he becomes more anti-racist.

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“Morgan Wallen is a finalist this year based on charting,” Dick Clark Productions stated. “As his recent conduct does not align with our core values, we will not be including him on the show in any capacity (performing, presenting, accepting). It is heartening and encouraging to hear that Morgan is taking steps in his anti-racist journey and starting to do some meaningful work. We plan to evaluate his progress and will consider his participation in future shows.”

Since the Billboard Music Awards are based on charting, they couldn’t stop sales in an attempt to silence Morgan Wallen.

When radio stations banned him, his fans opened their wallets to show their support.

It is that support that led to him winning awards for Top Country Artist, Top Country Male Artist, and Top Country Album. His wins were announced online but were not spoken about on the BMAs.

In a press release announcing the early Billboard Music Awards show winners Sunday, an asterisk was placed next to Wallen’s three wins and followed with a statement from Dick Clark Productions, saying “finalists are determined by performance on the Billboard Charts, and are not chosen by a voting committee or membership organization.”

Not everyone is onboard with him being barred form attending the awards:

His Return To The Stage

However, not all of the awards ceremonies will allow the fans to carry Wallen.

The Academy of Country Music forbids Wallen from taking home individual awards from its event but are allowing him to win in other categories. That was relaxed to allow his collaborators to get their due. 

Wallen returned to the stage last week when he performed at Kid Rock’s Nashville bar.

This was celebrated by his fans and viewed as a sign that he is absolutely not caving to cancel culture. 

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The Day of the Billboard Music Awards, Wallen shared an Instagram video of him singing a song dedicated to his mom who has always supported him.

You can watch that below. 


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