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Blood & Guts Events Happens Tonight! Will AEW Deliver Big?

Things are about to get exciting as AEW holds it Blood & Guts event [1] tonight! With a stacked card, it is unlikely we will leave disappointed.

In The Runup To The Event…

Blood & Guts Event AEW
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Plenty has happened in the runup to the AEW Blood & Guts event. After all, last week saw some interesting developments on AEW Dynamite [2].

The feud between Brian Cage and Hangman Adam Page is intensifying. There was also some tag team action involving teams such as The Young Bucks, SCU and The Sydal Brothers.

Of course, everyone’s eyes were firmly on Pinnacle and The Inner Circle [3]. These teams will be the central point for the Blood & Guts Event this evening.

The feud between Inner Circle and Pinnacle has been intense to say the least. And with guys such as Chris Jericho and MJF at the helm, the promos are out of this world.

Naturally, there are more exciting stars to look forward to this week. So, let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from the special episode of AEW Dynamite.

The First Blood And Guts Match

Chris Jericho
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This is the very first Blood and Guts match and we could not be more excited! After all, the match was supposed to happen last year.

Unfortunately, coronavirus threw a spanner in the works for this special AEW match [4]. Needless to say, fans have been waiting for the resurgence of this particular event.

All Elite Wrestling [5] kept it on the down low, as the announcement was only made a little while back. However, Pinnacle and The Inner Circle have been building towards this match for a while.

As expected, MJF eventually turned on his Inner Circle comrades. Then, he started his own faction under the name Pinnacle to rival The Inner Circle.

Needless to say, as this is the first match ever, it will be an event for the history books. In short, it is an event that cannot be missed.

What To Expect From The Blood & Guts Event?

Blood & Guts Event AEW
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Many fans wonder what to expect from a Blood & Guts match. However, Cageside Seats [1] seems to have an idea of what is coming.

According to Cageside, the match will be styled according to NXT’s WarGames. However, the rules will be closer to the original Dusty Rhodes rules.

One of the most important differences between the modern and current version is how the match can be won. The only way the match can be won is through submission or surrender.

This makes the entire concept even more interesting. Of course, it also means that a lot more shame is involved for the wrestlers who end up surrendering or submitting.

The first person in the ring tonight is none other than Sammy Guevara. As a young wrestler, he faces considerable risk as he will be spending the longest time in the ring.

Sammy also makes the most sense to be the first person in the ring. After all, he was the main target for MJF.

In conclusion, we cannot wait to see all this! Be sure to tune in at 8 pm EST!