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Not all heroes wear capes, but some of them carry brownies and fight bobcats. A suburban man has achieved internet fame after saving his wife from a bobcat. The 46 second video is a wild ride.

In the home security footage originally posted to TikTok, the man can be seen grabbing the bobcat and chucking it across the front yard after putting down a tray of brownies.

This video shows just how fast things can change. The man and woman were loading up their car not realizing a bobcat was stalking them. It’s not something one would expect after all.

Man Saves Wife From Bobcat In Viral Video

At the start of the security footage clip, the man’s demeanor is pleasant. He says, “Good morning!” to a neighbor running past before commenting that he needs to wash his own car.

What happens next is shocking.

This man goes from friendly neighbor to hero husband in a matter of seconds.

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Right before the man’s wife walks into the screen, an animal can be seen running across the road. It’s not big, but it is fast and it comes up behind the woman out of nowhere.

The unsuspecting woman was caught between two cars in the driveway while holding a pet carrier when the bobcat attacks.

The bobcat’s screech pierces through the silence.

The wild animal latches onto the woman’s back as she yells out to her husband, “Oh my god! Run, Happy, Run!” as she tries to high tail out from between the two cars.

But, her husband Happy did not run away. He ran towards her, grabbing the bobcat with his bare hands.

As the man carries the cat away from her and onto the front yard, he faces off with the feral animal and yells, “Oh my God it’s a bobcat!”

That’s when Happy launches the bobcat like he was standing on the 50-yard line in the closing seconds of the Super Bowl and down by six.

As the cat circles back, our hero can be heard yelling, “I’m going to shoot that f***er!”

You can watch the dramatic video below. Make sure to have the volume on to see how Happy went from casual neighbor to Superman status in seconds.

North Carolina Sheriff Posts Rabies Warning 

While the complete identity of our hero known as Happy has yet to be confirmed, internet sleuths suspect that this video was taken in North Carolina. 

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The Pender County Sheriff reported on Facebook that a bobcat with rabies was shot in the Creekside subdivision in Burgaw. They are encouraging pet owners to make sure rabies vaccines are up to date. 

Dear Pender County Citizens,

There has been a positive case of rabies discovered in your neighborhood. On April 9,…

Posted by Pender County Sheriff on Monday, April 12, 2021

Social media reports that TikTok user @keithmcgeaux posted the original video. His account was allegedly banned after posting the video because of the platform’s anti-violence policy. 

Now that you’ve watched the video, we have to ask. Who had the better throw – hero husband Happy or Brett Favre in overtime? 

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