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“Little People, Big World” fans are awaiting the season 22 premiere on May 11th. But, now they can see a sneak peak for what appears to be more Roloff drama and even more changes.  This includes Matt and Chris getting a little too chummy for Amy’s liking. 

There have been a lot of changes with the family over the years, especially since Matt and Amy Roloff’s 2016 divorce. One of the only consistent things is the show continues, just with fewer Roloffs. 

Matt Wants To Buy Amy Out Of Roloff Farm

Matt and Amy spent almost thirty years together on the farm. While the Roloffs divided the farm following their split, now Matt is looking to buy Amy out and claim the entire property as his own. 

Amy has moved in with her fiancé Chris Marek and now it appears to be time to close the door on her farm life with Matt. 


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But, first Amy and Chris are toying around with the idea of getting married at the farm. They take a trip around the property with Matt but it stirred up some strange feelings.

It feels awkward to Amy that Chris is asking Matt for his input on the wedding as the trio drives around the farm searching for locations. 

“It seems like Chris and Matt are becoming buddies,” the Roloff matriarch says. “Like, really?”

Chris teased Amy when she was stuck between him and Matt while driving around. He reminds her she is “sandwiched between the old husband and the new husband.”

Will Jackson Need Surgery?

It’s not just Amy and Matt who have big changes Tori and Zach’s kids are growing. Given the fact that both kids are little people, this can mean medical problems. 

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Three-year-old Jackson’s legs are bowing. This means he is likely going to need surgery.

Zach completely understands the implications as one surgery often leads to another. He’s already been down that path with his own surgeries. 

“It’s the beginning of a long journey,” Zach laments as they discuss their son’s orthopedic concerns. 


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Little Lilah has issues with her eyes and got glasses. While she looks completely adorable, glasses can pose their own challenges as toddlers adjust to them. 

You can watch the trailer for the new season of “Little People, Big World” in the tweeted video below. 

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