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Brits want to break with tradition when Queen Elizabeth’s reign comes to an end. A recent survey shows the British public wants Prince William to leap frog his father and become the next King. 

The results weren’t even close. In a survey by Deltapoll, 47 percent want Prince William to be next in line for the throne. Prince Charles was 20 points behind his son at 27 percent. 

They’ve never quite felt the same way about Prince Charles as they did for Princess Diana or for his sons.

Prince William Is The Favorite

Prince Charles’ reputation took a hit in the fallout of his marriage to Princess Diana.

The public wasn’t too keen on his marriage to his longstanding mistress Camilla Parker Bowles.

While William, the Prince of Wales, has made a rebound in popularity, people apparently think he should continue taking a seat permanently. 

Demographics played a huge role in the results of this poll. A whopping 55 percent of women want Prince William to wear the crown after his grandmother’s reign ends. 

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While Charles took a beating in the poll, he still far surpassed his other son Prince Harry.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey obviously greatly impacted the results of his poll.

As their allegations against the Royal Family crumbles, so does their support. 

Only 8 percent of those surveyed want Prince Harry to be King. His support comes mainly from those under 24 years of age. 

However, the public does not get to chose who is the next Sovereign.

But, these results speak volumes as there were concerns about the longevity of the monarchy after Harry and Meghan made such damning accusations.

There is another alternative. Upon hearing of this poll, Piers Morgan comically offered to serve as King. 

Prince Charles Waiting Over 50 Years To Be King

Charles’s investiture as the Prince of Wales was in 1969. He has been waiting well over half a century to become Sovereign. While this is something he was born to become, there is a reason for him to consider standing down. 

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Of course, the monarchy is a fragile thing in this modern era.

Popularity is the key to its continued longevity. One in five of those under 24 years of age want it abolished entirely. Prince Harry also slightly edges out William in this category.

Given that William is more popular than his father overall, this might be something to take into account.

But, also Harry plays an important role in this decision. 

Meghan Markle whined to Oprah that her son Archie was not titled as a prince.

But, great grandchildren of the sovereign are only princesses and princes if they are have a direct line to the throne.

Grandchildren of the King or Queen do get those titles. Archie and his currently unborn sister will become a prince and princess if Charles becomes King.

If William ascends to the throne instead, that would throw a monkey wrench into the scenario. Prince Charles never becoming King could prove to be Diana’s revenge.

Perhaps that is a spiteful reason, but it is something that may be considered. 

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