Negative Fans Told To Calm Down Over Brodie Lee Jr. Appearances

The appearances of Brodie Lee Jr. has some fans bent out of shape, but numerous wrestling journalists called for AEW fans to calm down.

Some negative fans have been criticizing AEW for the numerous Brodie Lee Jr. appearances lately. While most fans are quite positive, some cannot help but to be negative.

Fans Respond To Brodie Lee Jr. Appearances

AEW fans respond to Brodie Lee Jr. Appearances
Source: Screenshot, YouTube AllEliteWrestling

The death of Jon Huber was a surprise for the entire wrestling world. Nobody knew he had been suffering from a severe medical problem.

Huber passed away on December 26th, 2020. He left behind his family, including Brodie Lee Jr., his young son.

John’s wrestling family took Brodie Lee Jr. under their wing. Even the WWE gave his son a couple of wrestling lessons with Tyson Kidd and Natalya.

But the constant for Brodie Lee Jr. has been Brodie’s AEW wrestling family. They honored John Humber with a tribute episode. 

That episode is still one of the best Dynamite episodes to date. However, the support for Brodie Lee Jr. does not stop there.

Brodie Lee Jr. has been making regular televised appearances as a member of the Dark Order. Unfortunately, these appearances have been a topic for much fan negativity.

According to a small percentage of negative fans, Brodie Lee Jr. is being exploited by AEW. Some even questioned the parenting skill of John Huber’s widow.

However, Brodie Lee Jr. has benefited from having his wrestling family around him. Not to mention he made quite the impression as a ringside manager and commentator.

Of course, not everyone agrees with the negativity of some fans. So, many have called for these negative fans to calm down.

New Normal – Fans Do Need To Calm Down!

John and Amanda Huber
Source: Screenshot, YouTube AllEliteWrestling

The negative fans on social media are quick to point the finger of blame towards a grieving widow. However, these people are forgetting that Amanda Huber lost her husband quickly and without warning.

For Amanda Huber, she must find a new normal without her husband Jon. On top of that, she also has her children to worry about.

It is widely known that Brodie Lee Jr. is quite the wrestling fan. Being in AEW gives him something else to focus on, not the death of his precious father.

In addition to criticizing Amanda Huber as well as AEW, some negative fans also criticized the promotion for not honoring Jon Huber properly. Amanda on the other hand, has been the first to defend the wrestling promotion. 

Amanda made it clear that both AEW and WWE have been there for her and her family since the death of her husband. So, not only does she have to deal with the death of her husband, she has to deal with fan negativity, too.

It is easy to criticize people online, even when the person criticizing has no idea about the life of the person and what they go through.

If anything, wrestling has been an escape for a little boy who lost his father.

So, before joining the negative bandwagon, look at your own humanity and compassion first. Let these people grieve in their own time. 

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