Megan Rapinoe Blasts NBA Star Draymond Green For Attacking Women’s Equal Pay Movement

Megan Rapinoe was clearly upset with Draymond Green's tweets about the women's equal pay movement and she let it be known loud and clear.

Megan Rapinoe, who appears to fancy herself as the Colin Kaepernick of the women’s soccer world, unraveled on a Zoom call about the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo. She fired back at Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green for a series of tweets he posted attacking the women’s equal pay movement.

Green’s Comments

The controversial tweets in question were posted by the NBA star on March 27. Here’s what he had to say, according to ESPN:

“As long as y’all make the argument about pay, while the revenue stays the same… They will continue to point at the revenue not being high enough to cover bigger salaries. While that is true in damn near every business, how do we take that card out of their pockets? That’s the key to changing the pay. There’s no argument for lack of revenue, unless… You make those that say they stand for women actually stand up.”

“The NBA wasn’t always the global game that it is today. It wasn’t always driving as much revenue as it does today. But there were people behind it, building the platform, and more importantly telling INDIVIDUAL…stories and building up the interest in the players. That’s how the game took off. Who’s building up y’all platform? Who’s telling the individual stories of how great y’all are? Building the interest and transforming women’s basketball into a global game?”

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Here’s just one of his many, many tweets:

None of this sat well with Rapinoe who has been at the forefront of the movement to have female soccer players paid the same amount as men.

Here’s a look at some of the reactions to Rapinoe’s comments.

Rapinoe Fires Back

“It’s really unfortunate, in the position [Green’s] in, having all of the resources that he has and the ability to have a much more educated opinion, that he just hasn’t,” she said. “And then, drag all these other people into it by tagging them and speaking at a time when the [NCAA] tournament is going on and all that we saw with the lack of resources and funding.

Rapinoe proceeded to get crass and address Green directly as her meltdown continued. 

“That’s frustrating that’s the take you have. You obviously showed your whole a** in not even understanding what we all talk about all the time — WNBA players and us on the national team,” she said. “Like what Sue [Bird] said, you tagged the wrong people. You don’t think we asked for more money? I mean, what are we screaming about? Nonstop!”

“We are getting obnoxious to ourselves, to be honest,” Rapinoe continued. “And then two or three days later, to completely double down on it is really frustrating. We know all this, about all social movements and all people who are marginalized, whether it’s by race or gender, religion, sexuality, whatever it is, it is not just their job to be the ones fighting oppression.”

“We need all of the other people as well,” she said. “So to have someone who does know what it is like to be oppressed, in many ways, to heap that all back on female players, or people who play female sports, it is just really disappointing.”

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Rapinoe Says This Movement Is About More Than Just Money

Rapinoe went on to explain that in her mind, this movement is about more than just women being paid the same as men. 

“When we talk about equality and women’s sports, we always talk first about investment, and funding and resources and marketing and branding and investing in not just the players but the support staff and coaching and media, TV media, print media, all of it,” she said.

“Those are the things that we talk about first, and I think anybody who watches us or follows us, or really has skin in the game and equal pay or equality in that sense, knows that that’s what we talk about first,” Rapinoe concluded. 

It seems that Green touched a nerve!

Given how much pull Rapinoe has with the radically liberal “woke” brigade, the NBA star should expect to be dealing with the cancel culture mob quite a bit in the coming days. 

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