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Daniel Bryan Contract Up Fairly ‘Soon’, WWE – Saudi Arabia Return

Daniel Bryan is still one of the most popular superstars the WWE has. Fans may have mixed feelings to learn that the leader of the YES! Movement’s contract could be up, somewhat “soon”.

Daniel Bryan Contract Up Fairly ‘Soon’

Daniel Bryan’s [1] 2016 retirement was devastating for fans. However, his 2018 return was an incredible feat.

He fought to recover and get cleared to compete. His dream comeback came true, and he became an inspiration to many.

He’s truly done it all over the years. Bryan has main evented WrestleMania (twice), a five-time WWE Champion, a Grand Slam Champion, and Mr. Money in the Bank (2011).

With all that said, DB’s current WWE contract is set to expire, “relatively soon”. What’s does he have planned for the next chapter in his career?

A Lighter Schedule For Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan recently spoke to BT Sport [3]. During this interview, he confirmed that his WWE deal is set to expire this coming September.

Bryan noted that he’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. It’s no secret that his next contract will provide a lighter schedule.

It’s clear that Daniel Bryan wants to wind down when it comes to in-ring competition. However, there are no plans for him to retire, anytime soon.

Sounds like after September, there’s a good chance that Daniel Bryan could [4] transition into a part-time superstar. Makes sense, as he has such a young family at home to enjoy.

With all that Daniel Bryan has accomplished in the WWE, he deserves a lighter schedule. He’ll always have the support of his fans.

The WWE has announced that live events are on the horizon at some point. With that said, could the roster be heading to Saudi Arabia anytime soon?

WWE – Saudi Arabia Return

The pandemic seems to be slowing down. This means traveling might once again become a possibility.

WWE has had [5] a long partnership with Saudi Arabia. Sadly, live events in this region came to an abrupt halt when COVID-19 hit.

Daniel Bryan Contract Soon
Source: Vince McMahon, Twitter, Screenshot

According to reports, WWE’s jet was seen taking an international trip recently. This is the first time it’s flown overseas since the coronavirus hit.

Where was it headed? The destination was said to be the Middle East.

A Return To Saudi Is “On The Table”

The Wrestle Votes Twitter handle recently posted the possibility of a WWE event in Saudi. Sources from the company have stated that they are likely to return by the end of 2021.

This could mean WWE superstars could be heading back to this area of the world, sooner than later. This year’s WrestleMania was the first time the WWE performed in front of a live crowd in a year.

WWE live event tour dates have not opened up across the U.S. as of yet. But, it’s clear the company is gearing up [7] for this and is in the planning stages.

Still, the company does have its eyes focused on Saudi Arabia. Sounds like the company is eager to return to pre-pandemic life, as many of us are.