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Colby Covington Not Impressed By Kamaru Usman At UFC 26

While much of the MMA world was talking about the performance from Kamaru Usman at UFC 261 over the weekend, Colby Covington was less than impressed.

Covington, who UFC president Dana White tabbed as the next challenger, talked about his thoughts on the fight between Usman and Jorge Masvidal during an appearance on Submission Radio.

On what would happen if Jake Paul confronted him at the fights

“Those guys know they don’t want to fight me, especially Jake Paul. He’s only looking to fight washed up past-their-time fighters, guys that don’t know how to throw punches. So, of course he’s not gonna try and start a scuffle with me, cause he knows how that ends. I will literally smack the pubes off of his chin, and he knows that. So, you know, little junior, he pipes down.”

On Masvidal getting knocked out by Kamaru Usman

“What did we expect? Street Judas has got what, 20 losses on his record? I mean, the guy’s a joke. I mean, I gotta give a big thank you though to Judas, that fragile guy, because in the intro before the fight, he was throwing up the 503. So, I gotta thank him for giving a shoutout to Portland, Oregon. Of course he’s still shouting out his boy, but that’s a real generous guy. No chin, fragile guy, but he’s got a big heart.”

“He’s been knocked out before by a little bantamweight. Carina Damm’s little brother. So, it’s not like it was the first time he’s been knocked out. And as far as Marty Fakenewsman getting the knockout, of course, it’s not surprising. There’s a reason he hand-picked that fight. There’s a reason he fought that guy back-to-back. The guy’s washed up. What was that, like 20 losses on the Judas’ record? So, Judas, he’s got no heart, he doesn’t like to train. He’s over at that shitty gym of his, whatever they call it, the ATT&T or something like that? And he’s got his little cheerleaders in his corner with the pom poms. They don’t believe in him. They know he doesn’t work hard. They know he’s lazy, they know he had no businesses being in there on the biggest stage in the world. And Marty knew that. He exposed that. He showed that, the guy is not a well-rounded fighter. He was scared of the takedown. He was scared of the takedown, so he tried to defend the takedown with his hands down. And you can’t fight that guy like that. You gotta fight him straight up and come forward and come at him. So, it wasn’t anything special.”

On Kamaru Usman not being too thrilled to rematch him and saying that contenders need to do something

“What’s Marty Fakenewsman’s excuse to not fight me now? I mean, there’s no one else. It’s me. I’m the only one that pushed you before and took rounds off you. Multiple rounds. I should have won the fight. If you didn’t fake nut shots and fake eye pokes and have that fake stoppage when I protested it right away, so what’s his excuse now, guys? Is it going to be, ‘oh, I got an injury, I got this’, says he want to hang out with his daughter? What’s he gonna say now?”

Why he wasn’t impressed by Usman’s performance at UFC 261

“No way I’m impressed by that. Did you guys not see how gassed he was at the end of the first round? I mean, Marty Juiceman. He’s the CEO of EPO. So, I didn’t see anything special. If anything, he needs to find a new chemist, a new scientist to get him some new formulated drugs, because he looked like shit. He was gassed in the end of that first round, he was done. If he’s fighting me in there, he doesn’t last three rounds fighting like that. So, unless he shows me some serious improvements, I’m gonna enjoy beating Marty Fakenewsman. Because everybody’s hyping him up to be this GOAT, to be this great fighter, undefeated this and that, he’s unbeatable. It’s just gonna make it that much sweeter when I smash him in the ground and end him.”

On speaking with Dana at UFC 261

“Yeah, we spoke a little bit backstage, and he said this is the fight that’s gonna happen next, this is what the fans want, this is what the UFC wants. So, of course Marty’s gonna look to go to his little rat manager Ali, and they’re gonna find every excuse in the book to fight someone else. They wanted to fight a little lightweight wash-up, they want to fight another lightweight. They don’t want to fight a real welterweight like me, a guy who pushed him. And they know I’m capable of beating them. So, what’s their excuse gonna be? Dana wants it, the UFC want it, the fans want it. Me and Marty Fakenewsman round 2. We got unfinished business.”

On Usman not being too excited about the Covington rematch and saying contenders need to show him something

“I take those comments as, I see fear already. He was already talking about walking away and retiring. Of course he’s talking about these things when he knows I’m next. He’s not the matchmaker, he doesn’t decide who’s next. I’m the number one welterweight in the world. Go look at the rankings. I’m undeniable. And soon I’m gonna be undefeatable when I get back in there. He can make up any excuse he wants, ‘people need to impress me’. Doesn’t matter, kid. I’m number one in the world, junior. You’re gonna fight me like the UFC and Dana White want and the people want, or you’re gonna fight nobody.”

If Kamaru Usman may be waiting to see if Nate Diaz beats Leon Edwards before committing to rematching Covington

He’s going to be hoping for probably about a year. He’s gonna be sitting around hoping that someone presents themselves, so he can jump at an easy cash grab again. I mean, look at the last two fights he just got with the journeyman Street Judas Masvdial. The guy’s got double digit-losses, he’s a bum, he’s a fragile dude, he’s got no chin. Everybody already knew that in the lead-up to the fight. The guy’s a nobody. He had 10 seconds of fame. What’s his record in the last two fights? He’s barely a fifty-fifty fighter. So, of course he’s looking for that easy fight. And the fight he had before that with his former teammate, another washup from 155. Of course he’s gonna fight some little washed up 155-pound bum that he knows he’s gonna beat. Why doesn’t he want to fight me? I mean, I think there’s a pretty clear reason why he doesn’t want to fight me. He knows I’m gonna destroy him. He knows he got me on his best night and my worst night. I got poisoned by the PI with my food before the fight. I got a shit ref in Marc Goddard – anti-Brexit, hates Trump, hates republicans – you know, and he’s calling fake nut shots when I kicked him in the liver. That changed the whole momentum of the fight. He was finished. He was broken, ready to quit and tap to daddy Covington. So, this fight needs to be run back. There was too much controversy. And the fans, Dana White and the UFC, they know that. There was a lot of controversy that first go around. Why doesn’t he want to end that controversy? If I would have won and been on the opposite side of how Marty beat me, I’d would’ve run that back right away. I’d want to leave no doubt that I’m the best fighter in the world, and then that will solidify my GOAT status. But he doesn’t want to do that. Why doesn’t he want to do that? He wants to cherry pick easy fights. He’s done, his knees are shot. He’s already talking about one foot in, one foot out. I promise you, when I get in there with Marty Fakenewsman, he’ll never be the same again. And I guarantee I finish him inside five rounds.”

His take away from seeing Usman fight live at UFC 261

“I learned a lot. He was getting low kicked a lot. He wasn’t able to stop the low kicks. He’s got those little legs. I know his body’s weak. I know if I put the pressure and the pace on him, he’s gonna quit. Look at that first fight, it’s a complete joke.”

On wanting to fight Usman in August

“There’s no reason that this fight shouldn’t be on the plate given right away. It’s not like Marty took any damage in the fight. He’s just fought this journeyman. He didn’t take no punches. He took him down, softened him up, got him gassed out and knocked him out when he was completely dead tired. So, he didn’t take any damage. There’s no reason that this fight should be dragged out or later in the year than it needs to be.”

“Let’s get this going on the first pay-per-view in August, and let’s do it Vegas. Or let’s do it back in Florida. It makes sense to come back to Florida. We can do it in Miami, American Airlines Arena. Maybe Orlando? Maybe Tampa? Maybe Jacksonville again? There’s a lot of spots for it. But Ron DeSantis, our governor of Florida, doing a great job. And I want to come back and give him a show for all the things he’s doing for the UFC and Dana White.”

Thoughts on Conor McGregor saying he likes 170 and could go back there in 2022

I think it’s laughable. It’s comical. I mean, you just got sparked by Dustin Soyrier. Go ask Dustin Soyrier about the times we used to train together. He used to cry. He left the gym crying. He’d tell his coach Mike Brown, ‘oh man, Colby’s so tough, I can’t stop him. Why is he so good? Why is just his pace is too much and I quit like a little bitch?’ So, you just got sparked by Dustin Soyrier, so sit the fuck down Conman McGregor. You couldn’t even knock that old man off a stool, how you gonna knock off greatness and the greatest welterweight of all time? I think it’s funny. He’s just trying to put his name in the hat and keep some hype out there, like he’s actually a winnable fighter. Dude, the guy has nothing left. You made all your money, you’re cashed out. You’re not hungry. We get it, guy. Just go away, fade off into the darkness and leave this to the guys that are still hungry and motivated.”

If he was satisfied seeing Masvidal lose in such fashion

“It was what I expected. It was pretty funny to see. He was shouting at me, you know, giving me some love, ‘503, my Oregon brother’. But just all the talk that he tried to talk himself up in being this baptizer and talking about people being fragile, look how fragile that guy is. I’ve never been knocked unconscious like that, motionless in the octagon. So, it was funny to see him motionless in the octagon last night. Just, all that hype, all that talk that he was trying to build up like he was some badass. Dude, you’ve got 20 odd losses on your record, sit the fuck down, junior.”

If his and Masvidal’s paths will ever cross now after this result

“They’ll never cross. I’m going to be champion when I beat Marty Fakenewsman in a couple of months, why would I fight a journeyman, a guy who’s on two straight losses, just got knocked out unconscious on the biggest stage. The guy’s fragile, man. He’s got no chin. To be honest, what I make of it is, no commission would approve me fighting him. That would be suicide, man. Look at what Marty just did to him. Can you imagine what I would do to him?”

Prediction for Usman rematch


“Knockout inside three rounds. That first round, the pace that I saw, and I seen him very tired in that first round. He won’t make it three rounds with me this time. I’m just too well-rounded, I’ve evolved too much. My coaches at Colby Covington Incorporated MMA, Cesar Carneiro, man, we worked so hard on our kickboxing and our timing. My timing and reflexes and hand eye and everything together is just completely different than it was a year and a half ago, last time I fought Marty. So, my coach, Daniel Valverde, we’ve worked so hard on our takedowns, sweeps, trips, the Judo he showed me. Cause he’s a black belt in Judo and Jiu Jitsu. And with the new Jiu Jitsu, my finishing skills are on a whole other level. I’m a five-stripe black belt, I’m just unstoppable in the gym, I’m unstoppable in the ring. And with my new coaches, I don’t have all that drama of the old gym holding me back, people screaming at me. Dustin Soyrier and Jorge Masvidal, these 40 year old grown men going and crying to Dan Lambert, this 60 year old billionaire. And I’m gonna correct the story. Yeah, I was kicked out, but I was invited back. I decided not to go back because I was in a good situation there. I knew my training was being affected, but now I’m in a good situation. I’m in the best gym I’ve ever been at in my life, I had the best coaching I ever got in my life. And I’ve been training since I was a little kid, five, six years old, chasing this championship gold. So, I’m just thankful I have great coaches. Johnathan Lopez, my strength and conditioning coach. Our strength and conditioning is on a whole other level. And there’s a reason they call me the cardio king, but it’s a whole new other level. My kickboxing, my whole game together. I’m telling you, Colby Chaos Covington 2.0 is coming soon. I will finish Marty Fakenewsman inside three rounds.” 

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