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Chelsea Green On Angles She Failed Pitched, WWE Talking With MLW

Chelsea Green pitched several angles, all of which did not get approval for TV. And, WWE could have a business relationship with MLW.

Before being released, Chelsea Green pitched several failed ideas. Also, WWE has shown interest in working with Major League Wrestling (MLW).

Chelsea Green On Angles She Failed Pitched

When Chelsea Green signed with WWE, it was not a total shock. She had spent time in Impact Wrestling and created a good following.

Like many, she started in the NXT brand of WWE. In her first TV match for NXT, she went down with a broken wrist. 

Eventually, she was promoted to the main roster thanks to Paul Heyman. But, when Heyman was removed as Executive Director of RAW, plans for Green were squashed. 

Months later, she debuted on SmackDown. Just like before, she broke her wrist.

An idea was tossed around for Green to then work a reversal of roles. She would stalk Mickie James as a super fan, just like the veteran had done with Trish Stratus 15 years earlier.

The angle never happened, with Mickie and Green being released from WWE in April with many other wrestlers. 

Cultaholic’s Straight to Hell recently spoke to Green, who revealed a slew of ideas WWE turned down. She wanted to work with the likes of Seth Rollins, Dominik Mysterio and The IIconcs.

Interesting Ideas By Chelsea Green

“Oh my gosh, I had so many [ideas],” said Green. “I had a Daisy Duke character, I had a sexy nun character for The Messiah [Seth Rollins]. Like what would be The Messiah’s follower or worshipper.” 

“I pitched to be Dominik’s girlfriend. I pitched so many.” 

“One of my favorites that I pitched was being a TRIIconic. So like trying to get in and be with them and do a fake Aussie accent and try and split them up, but have them realize that I’m really the crazy one.”

Right now, Green is unable to work because of a 90 non-compete clause. That ends around the middle of July.

She is engaged to Matt Cardona, who has recently been spotted on AEW and Impact Wrestling TV. Whatever happens, Green should have a few opportunities soon enough. 

WWE Talking With MLW

Chelsea Green Angles Pitched
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WWE and Major League Wrestling (MLW) are apparently talking about working together. If something materializes, it would be good for both companies. 

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how WWE is trying to get away from a certain perception. They no longer want to be known for not working with others to improve the business. 

The idea is that WWE will have some of their developmental wrestlers that are rarely used appear for MLW. This wold keep moral up and allow for some TV exposure.

Currently, it sounds similar to what WWE did in the past with ECW and EVOLVE. At the time, WWE was helping both promotions stay afloat and in return they hoped to sign their wrestlers in the future. 

There is no word if MLW would be able to stream their content on Peacock or the WWE Network.

NXT is only using a handful of wrestlers at the moment because of COVID. When live events return, that will allow wrestlers more time to appear in-front of a crowd.

Promotions working together is nothing new. NJPW, AEW, AAA and Impact Wrestling have all worked together in the past.

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