Miami Airport Brawl
Source: Screen capture of brawl at Miami Airport via Twitter

People waiting to catch a flight at the Miami Airport were suddenly in the wrong place at the wrong time when a wild brawl broke out this week that was captured on video. The clash became so violent that one of the male victims covered a female victim with his own body to protect her. 

Miami Airport Fight Captured On Video

It’s hard to watch the video of this airport fight without cringing and imagining the small children nearby with their families waiting on their flight.

Two separate groups of people started punching each other, so the drama and danger was twofold.

The brawlers didn’t appear to be concerned with anyone around them as they continued throwing fists. 

Documentary film director Billy Corben captured video of the airport brawl and shared it to Twitter where it quickly went viral. It is something to watch. 

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Seven people were allegedly involved in the fight which started over seating on their upcoming flight.

Perhaps everyone should be thankful this happened in the airport rather than mid-flight. 

One Arrest At Miami Brawl

Miami Dade Police arrived and stayed for an hour to monitor the situation. The victims did not want to press charges.

Still, 20-year-old Jameel Tremain Decquir was arrested and three other suspects remain on the loose. 

Decquir’s arrest report states that he and three others were told at the gate there were only three standby seats available on an American Airlines flight to Chicago. He faces charges of disruption to American Airlines and airport operations.

They were given the option of waiting for the next flight so they could go together or leave one person behind to arrive later.

A witness told there was some back and fourth with the agent. The first group of four people didn’t answer right away, so the agent asked the next group of three if they wanted to go.

The groups exchanged words that led to a shove and then fists started to fly. The brawl kicked off when one traveler punched another in the face as the victim was turning away from the ticket counter. Then the fight broke into two groups.

Police report there were four aggressors and three victims. 

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The viral airport fight video with over 5.3 million views can be watched in the tweet below. 

Bystanders can be heard screaming for it to stop and for security to come. And, a woman can be heard saying, “Stop it, you’re going to get it trouble.”

Police are searching for the three suspects on the loose. It shouldn’t be too challenging to figure out who they are.

Everyone needed to show identification and a ticket to enter the gate area.