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Sharon Osbourne is still being targeted by cancel culture after she dared to defend her friend Piers Morgan when he was accused of racism for criticizing Meghan Markle.

Former Cohost Of  ‘The View’ Sherri Shepherd Blasts Osbourne

Now, television personality Sherri Shepherd is piling on by saying that Osbourne “was definitely crossing the line” in the debate about Morgan that she took part in with her “The Talk” cohost Sheryl Underwood. If you missed their exchange, check it out below.

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As someone who hosted seven seasons of “The View,” Shepherd told Yahoo News, “It crosses a line when you’re a grownup and somebody tells you what you can and cannot do emotionally. When they tell you: You are not allowed to cry,” which Osbourne told Underwood during their heated debate.

When asked what her reaction would have been had Osbourne acted that way with her, Shepherd said, “Um, I’m grown. I’m raising children. This is a job for me, the way it is for you. So how dare you tell me how I can act? I think that was definitely crossing the line. I would expect an apology to be forthcoming because you’re two grown women.”

‘That’s A Respect Thing’

When she hosted “The View” from 2007-2014, Shepherd said that she and her cohosts “never had an implosion” to that degree “because we had a great deal of respect for each other.”

“That’s a respect thing… If we would get into spats, an apology came right away because we cared about each other,” she added. 

Though Osbourne has said that she is not racist and claimed that she was set up by CBS, Shepherd isn’t buying it.

“It’s a little bit hard to say, ‘I’m not racist’ when you get other reports from credible people,” Shepherd said, describing these reports as “pretty damning.”

And, she added that “people see you defending [Morgan], who has made comments that were racial in nature… That’s a little bit hypocritical.”

“I think every situation is different. I really do. And that’s why they’re having an investigation,” Shepherd continued. 

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Shepherd Demands Sympathy For Underwood

One thing that Shepherd does wish, however, is that there was more concern for Sheryl Underwood.

“I think this has been hard because nobody’s talking about Sheryl,” she said. “I think everybody’s been talking about Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. But what did Sheryl Underwood have to go through on ‘The Talk’ when she had to speak in very slow and measured terms, and to talk to Sharon while Sharon was going off. When they tried to cut to commercial and you hear curse words coming out of Sharon’s mouth.”

“They’ve been together [10] seasons,” Shepherd added. “What was that for her? I think that’s a hard thing to have a woman talk to you in that kind of way. As well as a trigger for a lot of women who have to be in this situation of someone treating you like you’re less than.”

Shepherd concluded by saying that she thinks that if the reverse had happened, Underwood “wouldn’t have a job.”

“The Talk” has been on hiatus for the past two weeks so that CBS could investigate the incident. It is unclear at this time if Osbourne will be returning. 

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