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Earlier this week, we reported that “Sister Wives” star Kody Brown said that he no longer has any interest in being intimate with his first wife Meri. Now, his fourth wife Robyn is saying that she “prays every day” that Kody and Meri can fix their relationship. 

On Sunday night’s episode of the reality show, Kody said that his relationship with Meri started to “dissolve” after her catfish scandal back in 2015.

Check out a trailer for this season of “Sister Wives” below.

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Robyn Brown Speaks Out

“I saw a significant change and it was very, very difficult to watch,” Robyn, 42, told Us Weekly. “Kody was really struggling at that time, and he really had a hard time with it.”

Despite everything that has happened, Robyn is still hopeful that Kody and Meri can fix things. 

“I believe that miracles can happen in relationships and I think that you can fix anything that’s broken in relationships if you try hard enough,” Robyn said.

“You definitely have to have two willing parties and it’s so hard to even make a judgment call on either one of their positions or what they’re doing or anything,” she explained. “I just hope and pray they can figure it out one way or another and heal their relationship. … I pray every day that they can figure this out.”

Robyn Believes They Will Fix Things

Robyn went on to say that when she thinks about the future, she “sees their relationship as healed.” This is something she has told Meri before. 

“I’ve talked to her about and I push her and like, ‘Hey, just stick it out [and] figure it out with him,’” she added.

“I can only encourage support as much as they let me. This is their relationship that they need to manage. I just love them both, and I just want them to get it figured out.”

This comes weeks after Meri opened up about the “very dark time” she went through.

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Meri’s ‘Dark Time’

“In my very, very dark time in my life that has been documented on the show, about six years ago, I went through a time where I was considering what I wanted to do,” she recalled. “I was considering all options and what that would look like.”

“And I also knew that it is not safe for me — or anybody for that matter but I can only speak to myself — to make a decision in a dark time,” she added. “When you are in a place of pain or hurt or sorrow or whatever, it is not the time to make a decision.”

Meri concluded by saying that although there are “always improvements to be made,” she’s “at peace” with them now.

“I’m happy in my life,” she said.

“Sister Wives” airs on Sunday nights on TLC, and it chronicles the lives of Kody and his four wives.

He was initially only legally married to Meri, but she agreed to divorce him in 2014 so that he could marry Robyn.

Kody and his four wives have 18 children combined. 

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