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Randy Orton’s Wife Upset Over Alexa Bliss, NXT Act Over With Officials

Randy Orton’s wife let me have it after Fastlane following the spot where Alexa Bliss straddle him.

Randy Orton’s Wife Upset Over Alexa Bliss

Everyone knows WWE storylines and matches are pre-determined, but that doesn’t mean fans will always agree with the outcome.

Seemingly such was the case for Kim Orton, Randy Orton’s [1] wife, and his Fastlane finish this past Sunday. Alexa Bliss straddled Orton for the pin, with the Fiend hovering behind her.

The entire imagery for the finish looked pretty cool. However, Kim seemed displeased by it all. Orton’s wife hopped on Twitter, firing off a tweet at Bliss.

As Kim’s language is a little questionable, WNZ will not display the tweet, but give fans a synopsis. Basically, it said: @AlexisBliss_WWE, you might have just f****d up little girl.

According to Thirsty For News [2], Orton ended up hearing about the Fastlane finish from his wife. Apparently, she was quite “rough on him” about the straddle pin. Overall, she did not like the look of the finish.

Randy Tweets Back

The day after Fastlane, Randy Orton would send out a tweet of his own. Not only did he acknowledge his wife’s beef with Alexa Bliss [3], but he also rehashed a Twitter beef he had with Soulja Boy. See screenshot below.

Randy Orton's Alexa Bliss
Source: Randy Orton Twitter, Screenshot

Orton would end up deleting the tweet shortly after. However, once something hits the internet – deleted or not – it lives on forever. Did he delete it because of his wife Kim or the fact he wrote: “wrestling is fake”? Hard to say.

Randy and Kim Orton have been married for close to six years now, and are raising five children together. Three boys from a past relationship for her, a daughter from Randy’s last marriage, and another daughter that they share.

Randy praised Kim recently during his Broken Skull Sessions interview with Steve Austin. He noted that she’s a super mom and hard worker. Kim recently launched a clothing brand, snake-themed (of course) called Slthr. [4]

Here’s hoping that Kim has calmed down from the Fastlane finish. Alexa Bliss was likely just following orders. As she’s engaged herself, to Ryan Cabrera, she’s probably nowhere near interested in Randy.

On a high note, Bliss, The Fiend, and Orton did “wow” fans this past Sunday. Speaking of, there’s an NXT talent that is currently “wowing” management.

NXT Act Over With Officials

As per a report from Fightful Select [5], Tian Sha’s gimmick has made quite the impression on backstage NXT officials.

Randy Orton's Alexa Bliss
Source: WWE Twitter, Screenshot

In fact, the talent has turned the heads of both Triple H and Shawn Michaels. 

If HHH and the Heartbreak Kid are behind Sha and her character [6], there’s a good chance NXT fans will continue to see a spotlight on her.

Sha Has “Long-Term” Potential

According to the report, Michaels and H see Sha’s gimmick as having long-term potential. The two have been very hands-on with the character and its presentation.

It’ll be interesting to see this gimmick evolve, as Sha’s NXT [7] character has a very unique presence.

Fans have seen Mei Ying (portrayed by Karen Q) in the past, but she hasn’t been in the ring since suffering a knee injury in the summer of 2019.