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Piers Morgan Gets The Last Laugh – Ratings Tank For ‘Good Morning Britain’ In His Wake

Piers Morgan got the last laugh on his former colleagues at “Good Morning Britain.” The ratings are in and GMB hemorrhaged viewers after the co-host’s sudden exit, proving cancel culture is not profitable.

The Duchess of Sussex herself lodged a complaint against Piers after he criticized her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Never to be outdone, he even had Markle’s estranged father on the show to discuss Meghan’s claims against the Royal Family. 

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Cancel Culture Comes For Piers Morgan

Piers quit the show last week following extreme pushback from cancel culture.

He was not about to change who he is so he left on a high note.

For the first time, “Good Morning Britain” beat “BBC Breakfast.” 

However, that tidal wave of success ended as soon as Piers Morgan left the show.

The ratings are in and they are disastrous. “Good Morning Britain” had 255,000 fewer viewers on Monday than it did the previous Monday when Piers was hosting. 

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Political correctness and the woke mob took a big hit with these ratings numbers.

Of course, Piers Morgan has the right to take a victory lap as viewers are waiting to see what show he lands on next.

Daily Mail [4] reports that a bidding war is underway to sign him to a new show. 

Piers-tyeria is apparently taking over Britain. Fans are flocking to the exiled television host.

While social justice warriors attempted to portray him as a racist who doesn’t care about mental health concerns, he now has groupies. 

Piers Morgan’s Book “Wake Up”

Piers Morgan refuses to take a knee to political correctness.

He doesn’t care much about what people think of him. He’s made of Teflon in the fact that the woke mob won’t hurt his feelings.

The man keeps charging along and he is being rewarded for it. 

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He knows if you give them an inch, they will take a mile. So, he doesn’t sacrifice who he is. And he is being rewarded for it.

His book “Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts” is a best seller and has been selling very well following his row with Meghan Markle. 

Piers Morgan came out of this fight stronger while political correctness took a beating from those who have had enough.