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Many American students are still not able to return to in person learning. But, teachers in San Diego are heading to a temporary immigrant shelter to set up classrooms for migrant children.

San Diego Convention Center Housing Migrant Teen Girls

Five hundred teen girls are being housed at the San Diego Convention Center. It’s being used as a temporary overflow facility during the border crisis.

By the end of the week, the facility is expected to reach its capacity with 1,450 minor migrants. It is here where they will get classroom education.

California restaurants still cannot be opened to half capacity and schools aren’t opened, but immigrants can be packed into the Convention Center and classrooms established there. 

Some San Diego parents are upset that their children are stuck in Zoom classrooms while these girls who have crossed the border illegally are receiving taxpayer-funded, in-person learning. 

San Diego teachers will be providing them English and other arts classes. 

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“We definitely want to introduce them to the arts, the visual arts and the performing arts,” Principal Roberto Carrillo with the County Office of Education said.

“We’ll give them the opportunity to start expressing themselves through written formats, giving them a basic understanding of the English language,” he continued. 

A Year Without Classrooms For 40% Of American Students

This is occurring as approximately 40% of American children haven’t been inside a classroom in the past year. They have been learning online during the ongoing pandemic. 

Many teachers unions across the country are fighting returning to the classroom citing that there is still a danger.

But in San Diego teachers are heading back to teach these migrant children. 

San Diego District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond pointed out in Twitter that if these children can learn in person, all the children of San Diego should as well.

Students Struggling With Online Learning

American students are still struggling to adjust to online learning.

Some children don’t have the required technology. Others may just not thrive outside of a traditional setting.

Online learning is more independent than a classroom, which can be extremely challenging. 

In addition to falling behind educationally for the past year, the lack of socialization has been burdensome to our students. 

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Dan Domenech served as a superintendent for almost 30 years.

He is currently the executive director of the American Association of School Administrators. And, he has serious concerns about the effects of long term online learning. 

“We know that there has been a significant loss of learning, but I’ll tell you, we’re less concerned about that than we are about the social and emotional factors,” Domenech reports. “We’re seeing an increase in the stress that students are feeling, the emotional impact that this is having on them. We’re carefully tracking suicide rates, which is a major factor. So, we are more concerned right now about the emotional well-being of our students than we are about their academic loss.”

While many American children are forced to deal with the consequences of learning online, teachers in San Diego are heading back to teach migrant children. 

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