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Justin Bieber Takes His Faith-Based Message To California Prison

Justin Bieber has transformed from a teen star to a husband, father, and a devout Christian. The singer is so committed to spreading the message of Jesus that he recently did some prison ministry work.

The 27-year-old singer visited California State Prison in Los Angeles County this week with his pastor.

Bieber Arrived At Prison In His RV

It was hard for the “Holy” singer to keep a low profile. He and his wife Haley have been traveling the West Coast in their giant RV. It was rather recognizable pulling up into a prison.

While it’s not known exactly what Justin Bieber experienced behind the prison walls, we do know that he was there to support faith-based programs.

“The Warden of the institution approved a very brief visit by Mr. Bieber and his pastor to support faith-based programs at California State Prison, Los Angeles County,” a rep for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) said [1].

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He may have sang Christian hymns or he might have preached. We only know that he was visiting with prisoners along with a minister. 

Bieber has had a very public transformation over the past couple of years.

He regularly spreads the gospel on his social media accounts. Now, he’s taking that message to people in jail. 


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Bieber Openly Praises God

People serving out a sentence in jail have an extraordinarily amount of time on their hands.

Some have the desire and ability to use that time for productive changes.

Justin Bieber is hoping they are open to letting Jesus transform their lives. 

He and his wife, Haley, have really stepped out of that Tinseltown box by living their lives as an openly Christian couple.

They are not afraid to share who they are with the world. They even got baptized together.


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Hollywood isn’t known as a hotspot for Christians, but Justin Bieber hasn’t let that stop him.

He even performed his song “Holy” at last year’s People’s Choice Awards.

He showcased his talents in a way that brought forth the love of Jesus Christ, bringing this message to people who typically don’t hear it.

His performance also was very visually Christian as he was surrounded by crosses. It’s not surprising that he took this message behind bars, too. 

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You can watch Justin Bieber perform “Lonely” and “Holy” at the People’s Choice Awards in the video below.