Jeff Dunham Last Man Standing

Tim Allen’s beloved sitcom “Last Man Standing” is currently in it’s ninth and final season. In this week’s episode, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham makes a surprise visit to Outdoor Man.

Needless to say, hilarity ensued!

Jeff Dunham Appears On ‘Last Man Standing’

Dunham appeared on the episode as himself along with one of his trusty sidekicks.

The premise of the episode, which was titled “Meatless Mike” was that Ed (Hector Elizondo) riled up Dunham so much on social media that the comedian felt he just had to make a trip to Outdoor Man.

And, that’s where he meets Mike Baxter (Tim Allen).

The episode was called “Meatless Mike” because Vanessa (Nancy Travis) suggests Mike should see if he could give up meat for one week. 

“Are hot dogs actually considered meat?” Mike questioned.

After a few days went by, everyone at Outdoor Men was stunned to see that Mike was actually being successful at giving up meat.

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Dunham’s Shoutout To Outdoor Man

After giving Mike some grief, Ed pulled out his phone and showed a shoutout that Dunham had given the Outdoor Man store.

In the shoutout, Dunham said that he was on his way to Denver, Colorado, and that he was excited to see what it was like there. 

“Thanks for the heads up. It gives us time to put up a sign to explain who the hell Jeff Dunham is,” Ed commented in response.

Ed was loving the comment and figured Dunham would never respond.

Sure enough, however, Dunham did respond with a middle finger emoji.

“This means war,” Ed said, to which Mike responded, “A war that’s not going to go well.”

Dunham Shows Up

The next day at Outdoor Man, Chuck (Jonathan Adams) was disappointed to see that Ed was still trolling Dunham online.

Ed explained that he was doing this because he heard horror stories about ventriloquists as a child that left a lasting impact on him.

That’s when Dunham stormed into the office to confront Ed.

Of course, Dunham pulled out his puppet Walter making Ed uncomfortable immediately. 

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Just when things were coming to a head, Mike jumped out and explained that he had been filming the entire time, just to prank Chuck!

The entire thing was part of a promotional team-up that Dunham had signed on to do for Outdoor Man. Ed proceeded to bring out brisket, which Mike had to refuse since he no longer ate meat.

“What? Outdoor man doesn’t eat meat?” Dunham questioned.

“I guess he uses all these guns around here to shoot broccoli,” Walter added.

The hilarious episode later came to an end with an Outdoor Man vlog that was created using a Tim Allen puppet.

“Last Man Standing” is currently in it’s final season, and it airs Thursday nights on FOX at 9:30 p.m. EST. 

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