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Is AEW Eliminating Its Ranking System To Provide New Opportunities?

AEW [1] might be eliminating its ranking system, one of the things that made them stand out from the WWE. 

Should AEW Be Eliminating Its Ranking System?

AEW Ranking System

The AEW [2] ranking system was one of the things that made the promotion stand out in its infancy. But now, it seems officials are thinking of eliminating the system completely.

Upon the founding of the company, Cody Rhodes stated that wins and losses should matter. For that reason, they used a ranking system that helped to book future matches.

While the idea was quite interesting and appreciated by fans, officials are now doubting their decision.

In fact, they seem to think that the rankings do not work as well as they do in other professional sports.

The Problem With The Ranking System

Rey Mysterio Re-Signs WWE
Image Credit: Provided via AEW's Official Twitter account

One of the issues with the ranking system is that the person with the most wins is not always next in line for a title opportunity. After all, we would be getting the same match-up for months if that was the case.

To get around their own ranking system, AEW drew random names for a fatal four way. The winner would eventually face FTR [3] for the title.

At the time, The Young Bucks [4] were not the first in the ranking. Nevertheless, the draw was used so they could face FTR and become the new champions.

How The Ranking Went Down

Bianca Blair WM 37 AEW
Image Credit: Provided via AEW's Official Twitter account

The problems with the ranking system became more apparent during the AEW [5] Dynamite episode of February 3rd. Throughout the episode, several wrestlers simply jumped the ranking.

Now, the ranking system in AEW is meant to determine the first contender, but this has not been the case for a while. Even though I am a big fan of the ranking system myself, there is a bit of a problem with it.

But this is not where the strangeness ends. The tag team that ended up with the win was none other than Chris Jericho and MJF.

MJF and Jericho were already in the top five within the ranking. So in theory, the tag team match was completely useless.

Then there was the issue of Joey Janela, who is nowhere near in line to have a shot at the TNT Championship. Before him, you have Rey Fenix, Miro, and Pac.

None of these wrestlers will face Darby Allin. Nevertheless, Joey Janella ended up with the opportunity.

Now, AEW decided to hold a women’s tournament that will determine the first contender for the AEW women’s championship.

And while the tournament is quite a cool concept as it involves New Japan, it does make their ranking system obsolete once more.

Based on recent events, AEW is either changing its ranking system or eliminating it completely. Number one ranked wrestlers such as Serena Deeb, Jon Moxley, and FTR are nowhere near a title shot.

It remains to be seen if AEW will indeed eliminate its ranking system. But at this point in time, something has to give for the promotion to move forward.