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Colby Covington Calls Kamaru Usman ‘Chinny,’ Rips UFC

As only he can, Colby Covington let it fly during a recent appearance on Submission Radio.

The top UFC welterweight contender called out current champion Kamaru Usman for being “chinny” and believes he is “really primed to get knocked out in his next fight.”

Check out more from Covington with the guys from Submission Radio below.

Why the Jorge Masvidal fight didn’t work out, and the UFC looking towards Masvidal/Usman 2

“Yeah, in my words, which is the truth, Dana White and the UFC can attest to that, he’s just scared of me, he’s afraid. He’s embarrassed. He doesn’t want to get embarrassed in front of the whole world. He knows how this match up goes. He’d be willing to lose to anybody else but me. So, the UFC offered him a seven-figure payday, an Ultimate Fighter gig, this heated rivalry. The only reason I wanted to fight Jorge ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal, we got a vendetta and it needs to be settled, and it’s an easy payday for me, and I was willing to go back. But it’s because of the way he was running his mouth. He said I was fragile, he said he would knock me out, he said he would baptize me to people close to me, you know, saying ‘let’s fight in the parking lot’ in our old gym, let’s go fight in the parking lot at publics, trying to act tough at events in front of Dana. Like, ‘hey, I’ll beat Colby’s ass,’ this and that. That’s the only reason I was willing to go backwards, cause there’s a legitimate personal beef there. This is deeper than just a fight, this is a broken friendship, a complete rivalry now. But what can I do about it? He doesn’t want to fight. He’s scared to fight. He knows what would happen if we fight. So, I gotta move on. I got bigger business to take care of. I don’t need to go back in the rankings anyway. I’m the number one welterweight in the world, I’m the number one-ranked, and frankly, I deserve my title shot. Marty Fakenewsman, he got lucky as fuck the first time we fought. I was beating him three to one. The next time we fight, I’m not gotta get poisoned before the fight. In the fight I’m not gonna have Marc Goddard to save him and stop momentum in the fight when I kick him in the liver and they call it a nut shot. That changed the whole momentum of the fight, man. And he had multiple breaks in the fight to catch his wind and regroup and stuff. And it was an early stoppage. I was winning the fight three to one. I want my rematch with Marty. Jorge ‘street Judas’ Masvidal forfeited out of the welterweight tournament, it’s only me and Marty Fakenewsman left at the top of the mountain.”

On the UFC originally wanting to shoot TUF in May and have him and Masvidal fight in June

“After I fought Woodley, Dana White, Hunter Campbell called me, they wanted to get the fight done in December/January. I was on board, I agreed, I put the pen to paper. But Jorge Masvidal was nowhere to be found. He was hiding. Him and Malki were hiding. They want nothing to do this me. They know what happens when they fight me, it doesn’t end well for them. So, they’ve been ducking me, and they [the UFC] wanted that fight then. And then after he turned down January, they were like, ok, well let’s do the Ultimate Fighter. You know, we can start taping in May, you guys fight as the pay-per-view main event at the end of it in June. And it would have been perfect because I am Jorge Masvidal’s father and I know Father’s Day is in June, so it would have been a two-for-one special. I would have beat his ass, spanked my little son and I would have got a happy Father’s Day.”

His reaction to Usman mentioning Masvidal post-fight at UFC 258 and Masvidal’s management jumping on the fight

“It’s hilarious. Marty Fakenewsman is a complete coward. If I had a win over him the way he has a win over me, I would want to run that back right away. You know you didn’t beat me, and the fans know that night in that arena, and everybody around the world knew that that was a bullshit stoppage, a bullshit fight, and there’s still a lot of stones that are unturned. So, there’s a lot of unfinished business. He just knows what presents him the hardest challenge, and that’s me. He’s looking for an easy payday, he’s looking for the Street Judas Masvidal cause he knows he’s washed up. That fight goes the same way every single time, guys. Let’s not make no mistakes, Malki and Street Judas Masvidal are saying, ‘oh, if we had a full camp, this‘ – what are you talking about, dude? You were putting pictures all over Instagram and social media that you were with Bo Nickal, this good wrestler and you were spooning with him for three or four months before the fight. And then Dustin Poirier says before he fights Hooker that you were in his training camp and you were training hard for that fight. So, you got no excuse that you had six days’ notice, man. Stop making excuses, man. The people see right through you, man. You’re everything you said you would never be, Jorge, and it’s sad to see, man. But I’m glad that me and the people have something in common, that we can see right through you. You’re a fake coward.”

On Dana wanting to make him versus Leon Edwards and him not doing “charity business” for Leon

“I don’t know what he’s talking about, man. That’s just him talking. Let’s talk about facts, man. I’m not in the Leon – first off, it’s Leon Scott.”

“And Leon Scott hasn’t earned anything, boys. I’m in the Colby Covington Incorporated championship business, I’m not in the Leon Scott charity business. This isn’t charity hour, man. I’m fighting at the top of the mountain, I’m fighting the best in the world. Did Marty Fakenewsman get a call from the president after his last fight? Oh geez, I wonder why? Because he sucks, he’s irrelevant. So, I’ve done things no one has ever done in this sport. I’m not doing charity busines no more. It’s not my fault this kid hasn’t fought in two years. It’s not my fault this kid – there’s people from England fighting all the time in the pandemic, they’re not scared to fight. So, I’m not doing charity for this guy who hasn’t fought in two years. He’s irrelevant, he’s beat a bunch of bums, and I’m not doing charity. This isn’t charity hour, this is fucken championship fucken pay-per-view hour.”

His response to the UFC if they try and give him Edwards

“I would say, who’s fighting Marty Fakenewsman? You’re gonna give ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal, the same guy that you were talking on the phone with me and saying he’s the hardest guy in the world to deal with, he’s the next Diaz, he only wants to fight once every two or three years, you’re gonna reward that guy? He hasn’t fought since that fight, a year. And that fight goes the same way every single time. You want to do that same exact outcome again? For what? What’s the point? Six days, six months, six years, that fight’s the same every single time. The people want to see one fight, they want to see the rematch, Marty Fakenewsman, Colby “Chaos” Covington part two. Are you fucking kidding me? It’s a joke. It was the biggest corruption in the history of the sport. Are you kidding me? I was destroying him. He got lucky and he knows that. He got life rafts thrown to him multiple times. Why doesn’t he want to run it back with me? Oh, because I’m the toughest dog in the pack. If I was the easy dog in the pack he’d be coming after me, but he’s not.”

“Let’s talk about real business, let’s not talk about charity business no more. I deserve and I earned a fight for the world title. I just destroyed the former champion, finished him like nobody’s finished him before in the UFC. I came back and won a fight, what has Jorge Masvidal done besides sit on the sidelines and fake fucken pull out of fights? He’s scared to fight. He knows he’s washed up, he’s a journeyman. He’s looking for one more pay day. No one wants to see that guy fight for the title, they know what’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be the same exact outcome. And why reward a coward like that? A guy that’s blatantly scared to fight?”

On how much not getting this fight with Masvidal is going to impact his relationship with Dana and the UFC

“It’d be really hard to swallow. The way that I’ve been treated my whole entire career. You know, I was stripped of a title unlawfully. I was supposed to unify my title with Woodley and get pay-per-view points. They took it away from me blatantly for no season. I showed up and fought Robbie Lawler with half my face hanging off on two weeks to save their show on ESPN, to make them money. I got the president of the United States during the most crazy and biggest election of all time. I got the president of the United States calling you on TV on the ESPN platform, giving them more buys and clicks and views than they’ve ever had. the things I’ve done for this company. I show up and I show out. I talk the talk, I walk the walk. My numbers speak for themselves, and my accomplishments speak for themselves. I’ve earned to be at the top of the mountain and fight the best guys in the world and prove I’m the best in the world, because that’s how I feel right now. You know what I’ve done since my last fight and since the night I fought Marty Fakenewsman 15 months go? I’ve gotten new coaches, I’ve gotten better. I’ve gotten Daniel Valverde, unbelievable Jiu Jitsu coach. We’re getting better every single day. My striking coach, my kickboxing coach, Cesar Carneiro, we’re evolving at a rate I’ve never seen before in my entire career. I feel more condiment now in my skills than I ever have in my life, and I just know I’m unbeatable right now. All I need is the opportunity. So, I hope that I can get the opportunity and they stop passing me up and they take me serious. All Dana has to do is to give me the ball, and I guarantee I’m scoring the touchdown.”

His thoughts on Kamaru Usman’s win over Gilbert Burns

“I think that looks like a guy really primed to get knocked out his next fight, and I want to be the one to deliver it. He looks a little chinny. Dilbert, he’s an oversized midget, man, he’s a 155-er getting knocked out by 155-ers. The guy’s nothing, and that guy came out and dropped you and almost finished you in the first round? You got lucky to get out of that that he fell on his back and just sat there for five minutes and let you recover. Besides that, I didn’t see anything special. I see a guy that’s gotten worse. He changed camps and he looks like a different fighter in the worst way. He looks like he’s declined in his progression. So, he looks like a guy I’m ready to expose to the world, and I want to show them Colby “Chaos” Covington 2.0.”