Watch Dana White Pitch Conor McGregor Rematch to Khabib

Khabib Nurmagomedov joined Dana White in the latest 'Lookin' For a Fight' episode, and once again, he was pitched the Conor McGregor rematch.

Khabib Nurmagomedov has repeatedly said now that he’s not interested in fighting Conor McGregor again. But that hasn’t stopped Dana White from campaigning for the rematch.

Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Watch White pitch the McGregor rematch to Khabib

Nurmagomedov headed to Abu Dhabi recently as part of his cousin Umar’s team and to meet with White. In recent weeks, White had made it clear he would try to get Khabib back in the Octagon for at least one more fight.

Case in point, during the filming of ‘Lookin’ for a Fight’, White pitched the McGregor rematch to Khabib again. As you can see by watching the clip, the undefeated, lightweight champ didn’t look too interested.

Khabib’s said fighting’s not in his plans

After White met with Khabib in a closed-door meeting, he said the star had said he might fight again, if one of the top lightweights impresses him. But, since then, Nurmagomedov has repeated he’s not thinking about fighting. 

It’s also interesting to see White claiming that tonight’s bout between McGregor and Dustin Poirier, is trending to be as big as Khabib’s 2018 fight with Conor. That fight is believed to have been the biggest fight, in terms of pay-per-view sales, in UFC history.

It’s worth noting that leading up to Khabib’s bout with Justin Gaethje in October, White said UFC 254 was trending to be the biggest card for the promotion to date. According to reports, that didn’t end up being the case.

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