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Saints Delete Drew Brees Tweet After Online Mob Accuses Him Of Supporting Ashli Babbitt

The New Orleans Saints deleted a tweet of Quarterback Drew Brees wearing a #SayHerName shirt before last weekend’s game.

The NFL team got a tremendous amount of replies accusing Brees of honoring Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed during last week’s Capitol siege. Rather than defend Brees from this misconception and attacks, the Saints caved and removed the tweet. 

However, the shirt Brees was wearing wasn’t about Babbitt at all. The #SayHerName slogan was for Breonna Taylor, who was killed in a no-knock raid in the middle of the night on March 13, 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky.

But, the facts didn’t matter to the social justice warriors and the Saints didn’t defend Brees.

Second Tweet From The Saints

The Saints later posted a second tweet with a different player wearing the same shirt. This tweet reads, “#SayHerName shirt is for the Saints Players Coalition initiative to amplify the voices and experiences of black women.”

While the Saints deleted the tweet of Brees, they allowed this one to stand. 

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The online mob didn’t go after the player in the second tweet. They only went into full attack mode against Brees because they assumed he was honoring Babbitt.

Here are a couple of the tweets attacking Brees.

The Blaze [8] reported the Saints were flooded with tweets from people assailing them and Brees for the picture they were completely taking out of context:

  • “Drew Brees got on a say her name shirt for that white lady that got killed at the capital but wouldn’t stand on black issues,” one Twitter user noted. “Yeah Saints losing by 10.”
  • “Brees definitely wore that Tee shirt for the lady killed in D.C.,” another user said. “He has always been a closet racist in my mind.”
  • “Nah, man Saints fan explain this s**t!!!!!!” one Twitter user exclaimed.
  • “Drew Brees wearing a #sayhername shirt is almost hilarious,” another commenter said. “After all the crap he said about kneeling. He wants us to believe this now?”
  • “So… is Drew Brees wearing that shirt for Breonna Taylor or for that dumb chick who got shot down like a possum after rioting in the Capitol? another user asked.
  • “I’m pretty offended seeing Drew Brees rock a sayhername shirt,” another commenter said.

Remember When Brees Stood For The National Anthem? 

Rather than stand by their star quarterback, the Saints ditched the picture of Brees like a hot potato. 

Logic doesn’t matter when cancel culture comes for you.

Brees stood for the National Anthem in the past so that made him an easy target for the left. It didn’t even matter that he wore the #SayHerName apparel prior to the siege on the Capitol.

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Social justice warriors seem to be constantly on the lookout for anything conservatives are doing — they just can’t wait to pounce, even if they don’t have all the whole story.