Kirstie Alley Unloads On Jack Dorsey After Twitter Bans The President

Kirstie Alley condemns Twitter for banning President Donald Trump from the platform, says it's paving the way for discrimination.

Kirstie Alley is questioning why Twitter banned Donald Trump and some of his associates when it hasn’t suspended others whom she thinks have been inciting riots for months. In fact, she unloaded on Twitter and its CEO Jack Dorsey. 

The former “Cheers” star wants to know why Trump and his former national security adviser Michael Flynn and attorney Sidney Powell were removed from Twitter when these liberals accounts remain untouched.

“Hey @jack Why didn’t you suspend these four people’s accounts for inciting riots for months? 30 people died..billions of property destroyed .. millions terrorized ? Bueller Bueller?” Alley tweeted directly at Dorsey.

Alley wrote this alongside a retweet that showed controversial comments from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

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Alley Says The Groundwork Is Being Laid For Discrimination

Fox News reported that Alley later doubled down by saying that by allowing private businesses like Twitter to “discriminate against anyone they want because of politics then we are laying the groundwork for businesses to discriminate against race, gender, religion, sexual persuasion etc..GIANT STEP BACKWARDS.”

Not stopping there, Alley also tweeted at Joe Biden.

“What’s your take Mr. Biden on TOTAL censorship of conservatives?” she said. “I know that many times you have said you’re going to be the president of both parties. I really wish you would speak out and object to censorship on behalf of all people. Thank you.”

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Alley then sent a message to anyone who is not disturbed by Twitter’s blatant censorship.

“If you don’t think this is scary stuff & by U I mean all of US from whatever political persuasion then U are complicit to communism & DICTATORSHIPS,” she added. “I trust that none of us on this timeline R OK with this purging and canceling. For those of you who think it’s Ok ur next. U’ll see.”

Alley Brings Up Liberal Riots

Alley also reminded her followers of the leftwing riots that have plagued the country over the past few months.

“Remember all the fires, killing, terrorizing, destruction and yes, at FEDERAL buildings?” she tweeted alongside a news story about anti-police riots Portland, Oregon. “It was HIDEOUS & ILLEGAL.Remember how these criminals got FUNDED & bailed out? NO ONE WAS OUSTED FROM PLATFORMS including politicos who ENDORSED the VIOLENCE. Remember?”

Though Alley was livid that Twitter banned Trump, she was also quick to condemn the riots at the Capitol.

“Breaching the CAPITOL was a treasonous criminal terrifying act and those people should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” she tweeted. “I do not condone VIOLENCE, TREASON, CRIMINAL ACTS OR DESTRUCTION OF LIFE AND PROPERTY. This should suffice as my stance on Jan. 6th.”

Alley has long been one of the few actors in Hollywood who is open about supporting President Donald Trump. She has gotten a ton of backlash from the left for expressing her conservative views, but judging by her latest tweets, she won’t be shutting up anytime soon. 

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