Golf Legend Gary Player’s Son Shames Him For Accepting Medal of Freedom From President Trump

The son of golf legend Gary Player has shamed his father for accepting the Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump.

The son of the golf legend Gary Player has launched a vile public attack on his own father for accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday from President Trump.

Gary Player’s Son Attacks Him

Gary Player was a hugely successful golfer who won nine majors during his career. But, his son doesn’t want him to accept the prestigious honor.

“I wish my father would simply & politely decline this ‘award’ at this time. Tone deaf. In denial. Wrong!!” Marc Player tweeted in response to a story about the enormous once-in-a-lifetime honor that the iconic golfer had received. Player was a hugely successful golfer who won nine majors during his career. 

The ceremony was held one day after supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol building in Washington D.C. The New York Post reported that female golfer Annika Sorenstam was also given the Medal of Freedom by Trump. The medal was also awarded to Babe Didrikson Zaharias posthumously.

The ceremony was reportedly held in the East Room at the White House with 50-60 people in attendance, with one guest telling GolfChannel.com that it went off “without a hitch.”

Marc’s Attacks Continue 

Marc Player tweet was a response to a post from Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan, who wrote, “If we all understand the concept of tone deafness, what word best describes the decision of Gary Player and Annika Sorrenstam to accept an award from a disgraced President TODAY, of all days?”

Marc continued his shaming.

“One word simply cannot provide any justification,” Marc fired back. “Nor should Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods acceptance be condoned. Shame on all of them.”

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Nicklaus’ Endorsement Of Trump

Both Nicklaus and Woods have previously played golf with Trump. And, Nicklaus has been outspoken about his support for the current president. In October, Nicklaus was hit with tons of brutal backlash simply for endorsing Trump publicly.

“I have had the privilege over the last 3½ years to get to know our current President a little more as his term has progressed,” he said at the time, adding that he has seen in Trump “a determination to do the right thing for our country.”

“He has delivered on his promises,” Nicklaus added. “He’s worked for the average person. In my opinion, he has been more diverse than any President I have seen and has tried to help people from all walks of life—equally.”

“His love for America and its citizens, and putting his country first, has come through loud and clear,” he concluded. “How he has said it has not been important to me. What has been important are his actions. Now, you have the opportunity to take action.”

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Sadly, this simple endorsement resulted in Nicklaus being so viciously attacked online that by November, he told the Baltimore Sun that he was done talking about Trump altogether. 

Regardless of how Marc Player feels about the president, it’s truly despicable that he would publicly attack  and shame his father that way on a day when he was being given such a rare honor.

The Medal Of Honor is a huge deal, and Gary Player should feel proud to have been given it, regardless of which president was behind it.

It’s a shame that his own son may have sullied what should have been such a happy day for him. 

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