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Garth Brooks will be performing at Joe Biden’s inauguration. The Country singer, who describes himself as a Republican, explained why he agreed to celebrate this time while he took a pass on the Trump inauguration four years ago. 

Brooks said he agreed to perform because he wants to promote unity during these divisive times. He said yes when Jill Biden called him with “a very sweet ask” to participate.

Might Be The Only Republican 

“I might be the only Republican at this place, but it’s about reaching across and loving one another,” Brooks stated and added that he’s “so tired of being divided.”

The “Friends In Low Places” singer said he thinks Joe Biden is “hellbent on making things good.”

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Brooks has performed at every President’s inauguration, except Reagan and Trump, since Jimmy Carter became Commander in Chief in 1977.

Garth Brooks Declined Invite To Trump Inauguration

Most entertainers stayed away from Donald Trump’s inauguration. They didn’t focus on unity.

Rather, many promoted the Not My President rhetoric. While Garth Brooks did not make inflammatory comments about Trump in 2017, he did decline.

His excuse was that he had other commitments. Usually people drop everything to perform at an event that celebrates America and the peaceful transfer of power. However, that wasn’t the case then.

There was not much concern about unity among the typical A list performers. Brooks wasn’t even willing to adjust his schedule. 

Brooks has not released his playlist for his inauguration performance, but he did say he will be flying solo. His music will be “more of the broken-down, bare-bones stuff.”

The country star will be joining Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, and Lady Gaga and others to help celebrate the new Administration of the oldest President to ever take office.

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Now, Brooks says he wants to help the country heal. He hopes the inauguration celebration can help fuel that.

“I want to spend the next 10 years of my life not divided,” the Country star said. “I’m so tired of being divided.”


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The inauguration will occur Wednesday at noon EST at the United States Capitol. 

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