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Former ‘Growing Pains’ Star Kirk Cameron Invites Christians To Join Him For 100 Days Of Prayer

Actor Kirk Cameron has has invited Christians and fellow Americans to join his 100 Day Plan. As you know, President Biden has an aggressive agenda for his first 100 Days in office. But, half of America is feeling left out and Cameron is hoping to bring them into his fold to focus and pray. 

Cameron understands that God sometimes plays a long game. We need to regroup and focus on His long-term plans for us. We need to trust Him. The Christian star believes that by praying together for the betterment of our country, we will have a better future for our country.  

100 Days Of American Campfire Revival

The “Growing Pains” actor is encouraging others to join him for 100 days for his American Campfire Revival. He’s hosting it on social media in his yard next to a campfire. He wants others to join him online in what he refers to as a “church service.”

While many people are unable to attend church in person because of the pandemic and the restrictions, Cameron is inviting everyone to join him at his home. 

“That’s what we do,” Cameron tells his social media followers. “We praise God!” 

“Rather than waiting for someone else’s 100-day plan to unfold and bite our nails to see what’s going to happen, let’s get on the offense and roll out our own 100-day plan,” Kirk Cameron said during a daily American Campfire Revival. 

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Kirk Cameron will be going live [2] on Instagram and Facebook every night at about 5 pm. He’ll be doing this for 100 days. 

Many Christians feel at odds with President Biden’s agenda. And, Cameron wants us to remember that God has a plan and he is in control. That is what the actor is inviting us to join him during these 100 Days. 

These prayer sessions will be something patriotic Americans will want to join and follow. Cameron prayerful asks for God’s will to extend over our nation. 

The first of Kirk Cameron’s American Campfire Revival can be watched in the video below. 

Kirk Cameron Is Considering Leaving California

Kirk Cameron was born and raised in California. Today, his home state is not very welcoming for someone who is patriotic or Christian.

High taxes and business restrictions are driving many people out of the state. Religious services are even under the thumb of Governor Newsom during the pandemic.

Cameron is considering moving somewhere he can be his patriotic, God loving self without concern. 

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He shared in the Facebook post below he is considering moving to a state “where taxes are lower, patriotism is higher, and biblical values of faith and family are celebrated.” That is no longer viable in California.

I was born and raised in Southern California, but that will never stop me from parking a Ford 8N tractor in the middle…

Posted by Kirk Cameron [4] on Thursday, January 21, 2021 [5]

This next 100 days will pivotal for our nation and all those who will be praying with Kirk Cameron.

Like the actor, some people will strongly be considering moving. A lot can change in 100 days, especially when you trust God to guide you.

God bless you Kirk Cameron.